Using 12" wide 5/4 Ipe deck boards

warxJune 12, 2013


I am replacing about 120sq.ft of deck (after house remodel). The current deck is made with 3x30 large redwood boards. I am looking at using 5/4 x 12 Ipe boards since my local store has a lot at over 18' in length so I can do my 16' foot runs without joins. I will top fasten with hardcote screws and plugs. Gets a little bit of direct sun in summer mornings but not much. Supports/joists are redwood. Will this material cup?


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Unless they are quarter sawn they have a decent chance of changing shape.

Look in chapter 3 at figure 3-3 (page 8 of the chapter)

it shows how wood distorts in shape as moisture content varies depending on the location in the tree the wood was cut from.

Quarter sawn wood has the tangential and radial directions aligned to the board and has less change in shape from 'nominal.'

Part of the overall change depends on how large the trunk was.

At 12 inches wide it IS going to move though.

The gaps between boards and thickness will vary significantly.

Checking (splitting that starts at a cut end) may also be more likely.

There is NO finish that will prevent the movement, just slow the water going in and out of the wood slightly.

Larger dimensions have more movement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood Handbook

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