Shade Sails--Have you installed one?

empressJune 30, 2011

Hi, all. I am new to these homeowner-related forums, though I've been on the cooking and needle craft forums for years. My husband of four years and I have recently moved into our new home. We've been condo dwellers forever, so everything that needs to be done in this 18 year old home is a learning process. Please consider me a total newbie to even some simple tasks or processes you might want to talk about.

The only not-wonderful thing about our home is the straight on west facing back yard. Here in Phoenix, that means any rooms along the back of the house will be several degrees warmer than the rest of the house all afternoon, and measures must be taken not only to make those rooms more comfortable, but to control home cooling costs overall.

The quickest solution, at least in the short term, is to hang the standby matchstick bamboo rolling shades right away while we plan our yard and more permanent shading solutions. But those are hard to find and not as inexpensive as they once were. Other shades and solutions will require custom orders--more time and money.

Sun sails or shade sales appear to be a great compromise for a quick solution at not too high a cost. We can easily attach two corners to the existing patio supports on one side, but for the other side it looks like we either need to install a heavy-duty eye bolt or something into our block wall or set some sort of post into concrete in the ground.

Has anyone else done this? How do we install an eye bolt into a block wall? And will it be strong enough to connect a corner of a sun sail? What about putting in a post? What size would it need to be diameter wise? What is the best material, a hollow metal pipe like I see used for electrical conduit or is there something else? What suggestions or warnings do you have for me?

Sorry for the loooong post, but I thought I'd save someone making suggestions of products we've already considered. Thanks for any and all information.


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I have no suggestions but I think the sail shades look slick and are a great option.

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We have not installed one yet, but have been seriously considering it for our south-facing Colorado deck. And I just saw at Overstock that they have an 11 foot shade for $38! The larger size is $150, so it sounds like quite the deal. The reviews are good, too, and some of them mention installion.

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Thanks for your responses. After posting my question, I found sites with information for DIY installation, and I think maybe we are not ready to do that without a bit more prep and information. We're going to just hang some patio shades for the moment and take more time to think about the options.

I think the sails are a very good idea, but I guess before make a permanent installation, I should have a better plan. Thanks everyone.


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I have also installed a shade sail on my back yard and it is very good . These prevent rain and extra sunlight and cover my garden furniture. The design is also good and i have installed it on an affordable price . You should look for other options but take a look at it too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shade Sails

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Thank you, homedecorhelp.

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