Another runner......

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJanuary 2, 2008

Since I went to Alaska in 2006, I've been taken with moose so fused a couple onto the center of this runner. The strips have moose holding Merry Christmas banners.

I think this pattern is excellent as the center can be used as a focal point for various holidays or seasons.


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I like that. The center is really nice. I'm kinda taken with moose too.They are a big attraction in this area. We've had them come into our back garden.
I've made some runners using that pattern,because it is so easy.TFS.

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Never seen a moose but I like them too!!!!
That is a beautiful table runner. I need to get busy and make some for me.

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If I like how this looks after quilting it, I might send it to my friend's daughter who was with us on the Alaskan trip.

I feel sort of .... not being able to focus on getting started on anything yet this year. I know I have UFO's that need to be completed, but maybe if I tell myself I can make a new tablerunner/topper every once inwhile, or pillowcases or a bag, maybe my brain will accept the compromise.

Here's the site I got the moose from if you want to browse through it.....

Here is a link that might be useful: coloring pages

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Thanks for the link.Sharon. Have it bookmarked.

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You're welcome.... @:)

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I love your mooses too. Haven't been as far north as Alaska but we have had a few moose wander into southern Saskatchewan. They don't stay long as there isn't enough water around for their liking...I guess they just made a wrong turn!! Nice job on the table runner.

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