Jump Rock/Dive Rock - opinions needed

marta_pMay 3, 2011

Hi, we're hoping to add a jump rock to our pool but I can't commit to size and shape. I found one piece of granite that might be perfect, but it's only 7 inches high. I've been out to the stone yard (45 minutes away) twice, and am at the point where they will "make" me one (basically cut off a slab of granite and soften the edges. Our builder suggests not going higher than 12" - I'd love to get everyone's thoughts on the best height. Our deep end is 8 feet. Thank you in advance!! Marta

PS - if you have pictures that would be hugely helpful!

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marta...our jump rocks range from 18 inches to 6 feet in the deep end of our pool (8 feet).

No regrets.

Here's a picture from this winter.

Hope this helps.

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thanks Trhought. I've admired your pool/yard about a million times throughout the past year, it's stunning! We're planning on something lower, though after seeing the little ones' faces I can see the appeal of going higher...

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marta...you're right...it's a personal preference. As long as there is no diving, jump rocks less than 5-6' in height should be OK...certainly higher than 12" will be OK.

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There you are! If you recall, we're approx. at the same point in our builds. We poured our gunite in October, tomorrow is pump out of all the melted snow and rainwater, then to plumbing and BEYOND!

We're also scouring the landscape yards for the right rock. I keep saying I'll know it when I see it. I'm not sure of a height although I don't think it will be much higher than 18-22" which is about the height of an ottoman.

Are you setting the rock on the bond beam or off it? We're setting it off. 'Twould be ideal to find a rock that was perfectly formed in that it would sit on the other side of the coping yet, veered slightly over the water. No luck in finding it yet.

One more question....

Broke yet? :-)

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Hi Banana! Yes, totally broke : ) seriously, the jump rock is driving me crazy, though I did just find someone who may be able to help. I'm thinking about a slab of granite. We don't have a ton of room to play with and the dimensions our PB gave us were 3' long, 2' wide and 1' deep. fingers are crossed. We will set on the pool beam and place the pavers around it (as best we can). Did I see that you are considering shimmering sea? I am thinking about it (don't tell my husband!!!) but that'll be a day of plaster decision. Can't wait. Good luck with your hunt, take a picture when you find it - I'll live vicariously through you!

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