My Grandfurbaby

grammypDecember 16, 2006

Woohoo, I can post pics again! Here is one of DD#2's furbaby. She is a sweetie, unfortunately she is the same color as our floor and the leaves in the yard so she is sometimes hard to see.

Meena the grandfurbaby.


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Cute furbaby. We had a cat that color one time....long long ago....Schooshie. Don't have a clue how I pulled that one up.....I can't even remember what I had for breakfast.


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Oh is that not the cutest face on earth? well, maybe next to MY furbabies... We have one that color but with short hair and she is her daddies "golden-girl" and believe you me she can DO NOT WRONG, not the little golden girl!

Ironically, she photographs better than he sister whose face is black and you really have to adjust the lighting to get the contours of her face to show up -- gotta love computer editing though!

My DH decorates his home office in Jimmy Buffet/tropical styles. On a business trip to Hawaii this year I saw some "hawaiian" decorate picture frames so I got two and a bright fabric lei. I took pics of the pups in the back yard wearing the lei in a "tropical" looking area of the yard, and "they" gave him the pics for Christmas. I SWEAR it was his favorite gift.

"Golden Girl"

"Sweet Beligerance"

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Love the hawaiian look! Sweet Beligerance wouldn't happen to be a Jack Russel would she? Meena is only 6 months and we are hoping when she gets a little older she will pose a little better.


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