pool company kept my filter...normal??

nikozmomMay 6, 2012

I have used a pool company to open and close my pool for years. I just recently found out that they have been taking part of my filter back to their shop for the winter. When I called them about bringing it back, I was told they would put it back when they opened my pool. I am under no contract with them. Have you ever heard of pool companies doing this? Should I be angry? I feel like they are holding my equipment hostage to make me keep using them as a company.

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Call the cops IF you want to use someone else and they won't return it. That is theft.


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My first reaction was to be angry, but his response to me was that he was doing nothing wrong, that it's what all pool companies do. I was skeptical, but wanted to see what others thought.

Thanks so much for the quick answer!

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All companies do not but there are those customers that may opt in on a regular basis for this service or it was a part of the open/close combination to begin with as it seems this company does.

When people are happy with a service provider and the people don't change that provide the service, it isn't unusual for them to continue with that service.


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Not normal for sure....That reminds me of a company here in Tennessee that would cut all the return lines at the filter during closeing so you had to call him back too repair the pipes...You could always tell the ones he closed because the pipes were full of unions at the filter..LOL

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I HAD been happy with the company, but had a few small issues over the years. I was considering having a quote by another company. I am also possibly going to be moving, and potentially not opening the pool this season. For both reasons, I felt that I should have a complete pool system in place.

Regardless, I was never told that he was keeping the filter cartridge and cover at his shop all winter. I always assumed that he cleaned the filter when he opened the pool.

It doesn't make sense for him to store that at his shop from October to May.

The last I heard from him (yesterday), he was bringing it back when he opens the pool.

Hopefully he relents and brings it back, and doesn't sabotage my equipment because he's angry.

It IS my property after all, right?

I am just so very tired of contractors who take advantage of single women...as if we are too stupid to know.

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All it takes is a call to the cops if he doesn't reinstall it.

Record the conversation too.


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Does he have a shop or store? If so, just go down there and ask for it. Tell them you would rather store it yourself. You dont want to have to buy those parts again if he should get hit by a bus or go out of business, etc...

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Did he tell you he was taking it or give you something in writing.

What if this jerk went bankrupt shutdown and never returned your property.

This sounds like strong arm tactics to guarantee a return visit.

Call him and tell him you want it back, if he refuses, call the police.

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