December KOKO

nana24December 2, 2008

Hi All,

I guess we all have been pretty busy. I know I have.

Deanna, I sure like your suggestion of walking in place. I have been very lax-today my excuse was it was cold. The Temp is supposed to be back in the 70's tomorrow after being down to freezing tonight. I guess we can all walk in place.

Sharon, you and your family have been in my thought and prayers over the entire holidays. I know your stress level is high. I hope you feel the love and hugs coming your way.

Rosa, sounds like you have lots going on , too.

Ike hit our DD and family in Sept. They still have no resolution with the insurance company. They started with one adjuster 2 weeks after the storm and trusted he was doing his job. Then after many calls , etc. another adjuster (man and wife) came only to say the first one was no longer working so 2 months after the storm they started over. It is so hard to watch but they are making the best of what they have. DD and the children spent most of the week with us last week. It was really nice as my Kansas grands were here also. Busy but fun--making memories.

Check in when possible!

KOKO Sally

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Hi Sally, I have wondered how your daughter and her family fared with getting their house back in order. I know it seems to take forever to deal with ins and the gov't.

One of Raina's nurses also taught yoga and I told her she should get herself down to the parent waiting lounge and give a class for people down there. Would be a great stress release plus relaxing. I never saw her again, so guess she didn't like the idea. There was enough walking around there though to count for exercising....just ask Salijo. However, since I've been back at the other daughter's house, I've just sat on the couch and slept most of the time since last Tuesday.

Good thing I got all those table runners done for Christmas! Two more need to be finished, but I figure I'll throw in those kitchen towels topped with the potholders and that'll make up for what I didn't get done. DH's present is he got to go back to Florida after being here for 11 days. *smile*

Just to let everyone know....I appreciate all your prayers and support for our family during this time. I'm still around, it's just a little difficult to post sometimes. But, I KOKO.....


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Sally, insurance companies are so frustrating! Perhaps you can get some resolution now. It must have been nice having everyone for the holiday though.

Sharon, we gotta get Clay out more. I would never have taken him for a homebody. Yoga is a very good way to stretch and relax. We used to use it to stretch after Spin class and it is so nice. My favorite is the Corpse Pose.


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Good to hear that all of you are doing well and I love looking at the updates on Raina. What a little trooper.
We are heading to Vegas for our 30th anniversary (belated) so hopefully I can find a computer to check up on all of you.

I tried to google quilt shops but I am guessing there isn't a lot of call for them on the strip.We have never been and personally I would rather go when life isn't so busy but am feeling pretty organized for the holidays so hopefully will go and have some fun. We are not gamblers but we we will fill our days I am sure.

I am hearing I will get a lot of walking in but also plan to do some good dining so I will need to KOKO>

Take care, all,,, Deanna

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WOW, it seems we all have been SO busy!!!!!!! We has the raffles for the trips to Ohio for the tests and the news seems good.
Cierra's (5) heart is on the wrong side and it causes the aorta to press against her lungs.
The doc's think she can be repaired so our hopes are high.
My aunt had Alzheimers for approximately 10 years. This is an extremely nasty disease. She passed so now she no longer suffers.
I have lost 5 pounds from running around and trying to finish Christmas and help with the other kiddies while the troups went to Ohio. They are so cute, but I am out of practice!!!!!
I caught a cold and it seems to be hanging on so I know I need to eat more veggies and fruits.
Beverly yoga is on my to do list, and I plan to start soon.
Deanna enjoy your vacation.
Sally you need a vacation LOL!!!!!!!
Sharon your family is in our prayers.

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Hi....just thought I'd let you know my plans. DD from Florida was able to fly up so I'm going back with her and her son (from MI who is on college break) tonight. Will be late getting home, but at least I'll be home with DH. Not that I minded being here, I didn't! I gave out my Christmas gifts last night to those who were here and tomorrow is Christmas in Florida. On Christmas day, DD plans on having 17-22 people for dinner. Besides, DH, me and her in-laws, she somehow scouts out those who have no family in the area or families that are separated and can't be together as usual. Four are 'regulars' and some of the others are new this year. She thrives on this!

As much as I hate thinking about it, I must start to prepare for the day.....


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Good morning everyone,
A chilly morning from South Dakota. It was -31 yesterday with the wind chill and I haven't even looked today. I did get out and shovel some yesterday as I couldn't get back into the garage after I had gone to church due to a large drift.
Had a good time in Vegas and did lots of walking but the brownie mint ice cream cookie sandwiches helped add calories!! :( Due to some rain we were delayed a day coming home so we really got some well needed rest.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and the best in 2009.

KOKO Deanna

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An update on me: Youngest DD and DH ganged up on me on Saturday and I ended up in the ER....they wanted to keep me but I talked them into letting me come back home. I now have Bronchitis and am on some kind of inhaler, antibiotic and narcotic cough syrup. I have to call my dr today to let him know what all is going on. I want to sew and but can't quite get there yet....coughing, wheezing and sweating when I try...popsicles and laying on the couch seem to work.

I hope everyone is keeping warm and wishing y'all a productive day.



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Oh Sharon--You just need to REST!! So glad that you have your family taking care of you. You have had quite a year and your body is telling you to relax.

Happy New Year everyone. Deanna

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Deanna, I feel better today but know I still need to rest and finish up my meds. I managed to sew 3 houses (fabric was already cut) and address some envelopes. Now I'm going to sit for the rest of the day/evening (maybe a little applique) and see if DH wants to pick up takeout for supper.

Getting to feel like winter in's down to 62* and I need to wear thick socks!

Rosa, Have I missed anything? How's the family?

Beverly, I mentioned the retreat to Clay and told him what everyone said....he just grinned!

KOKO everyone.......


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Sharon, I agree, you just need to rest!! Glad you are feeling better.
Everyone I know has said that they were happy to wave goodbye to 2008.
Deanna that is definitely excercise LOL!!!!
Sally that is far too long for your family to wait for the insurance company to settle.
Beverly I still have yoga on my 'to do' list, and I do plan 'to do' it.
My DD's rental home in Orlando was broken into and they stole everything including the thermostat on the wall. Since it was vacant for over 30 days the insurance will not cover. Their transmission went out in the auto so they will be here for us to celebrate Christmas the middle of January. But, everyone is doing well!!!! It is a good thing for the delayed Christmas as DD and I were both sick on Christmas day, this way we didn't give them our germs.
I joined a community volunteer group that meets at the Methodist church, but is made up of ladies from all (and maybe none LOL)denominations. We plan something for the 2 nursing homes and 2 assisted living homes each month.
I have to get up early Sat to be at the thrift shop by 8 AM and I am not a morning person.
One lady was lifting boxes and running around, when she told me she was 77 my jaw dropped. Her husband quilts and does embroidery (maybe not as much any more due to arthritis) I can't wait to meet him!!!
Happy New Year everyone, and 2009 WILL be a better year for all!!!!!!!!
Trying to kick start myself, Rosa.

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Rosa and all,
Good to hear everyones updates. Off to a new year and not extremely motivated but thankfully you ladies will keep me on my toes!!

Hope that Sharon is doing better and that everyone else and their families are ready to start a new year.

Happy New Year. Deanna

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The community thrift store was busy today from 8 till 11 noon. People were waiting for us to open the doors.
I did not sit for the entire time and my feet are a little sore from the cement floor.
But, that's OK, look at the exercise I got LOL!!!!
Many people just come in to talk and they are so pleasant.
But why are some people such pigs?? dropping clothes on the floor and walking on them?? taking clothes off hangers and not putting them back on??
But I enjoyed it.
Great start to the New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!(had to be better than last LOL)

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Rosa, Those same 'pigs' throw trash out their vehicle windows and litter the sides of the roads. We'll never be rid of them!

This year is starting off the way last year ended. My 91 year old mother has been in the hospital and has been diagnosed with liver cancer. She is being given 'comfort care' and I'm told will be going into a Hospice hospital within a day or two as they've given her up to 10 days. She's in Minneapolis and I'm in no shape to be able to be there....which bothers me tremendously. My brother came in from South Bend today and my daughter Wendy drove there today, so there are some extra hands to help my sister and niece (from Michigan) who have been with mom since she was hospitalized. We're a strong family, but I think it just might take me all of 2009 to recouperate.


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Rosa, my mother used to drive me crazy. When we would go shopping she was always picking up things and folding them or hanging them up. I thought that's what the clerks were supposed to do. Then I grew up and got a job in retail. Boy, did I learn to love shoppers like her. Now I find I can shop and fold at the same time.

Sharon, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Your family has had a really hard year. You will all be in my prayers.


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Sharon, So sorry to hear about your mother. It does seem she has lived a long life. Right now this is harder on you. You are such a caring giving person, I know you are having a hard time not being there. But you must rest and take care of yourself in order to be around to do your care taking. You have been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be so.

Rosa, Sounds like you are having fun with the thrift store work.

We had a busy but good holiday. My SIL's grandfather, age 94, just did not wake up on Christmas morning. He had lived a long life but will be sorely missed. It took my SIL's mind of the house for a while. They are still fighting with the insurance.

Deanna, I am trying to get all the extra food out of my house. I have thrown out some and we are eating leftovers. It was raining yesterday so I did not walk but hope to get back to it.

Beverly, I, too, pick up and fold things in the store. I also pull weeds outside the doctors office. Embarrass my children. Now my daughter is a mother with children and sometimes she will not go into a place because the clientel leave things in such a mess.


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