12-17 Weekly blessings

grammypDecember 17, 2006

On a lighter note, please feel free to post all the wonderful things going on in your life here.

The weather has been absolutely lovely here for the past few days. Even though I had to work I have been able to get out a bit and enjoy it. It is amazing what just a bit of nice fresh air can do to clear your head. I even got to see a spectacular sunset Friday evening. God is truly an artist.


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My 13 year old granddaughter told me I was a 'cool' gramma. I never had a real close relationship with my grandparents, so I determined I would do as much as I could with my grandchildren, and be with them as much as I could. So, that was a feel good sort of thing and touched my heart.


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Nice to see the positive things going on, too. I had such a nice gettogether today with my two brothers, their wives, and one 15-yr. old nephew, my DS and DH. Dinner turned out good, the house is cleanest it has been for months, and we all just sat around the dining room table and visited for hours - lots of interesting conversations!

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I got a C in my math class. Really, this is a GOOD thing. Two thirds of my class, upon going into the final, were getting Ds or below. I was among those. The C means I don't have to retake multivariable calculus and instead take something more fun, like circuits or something!

My dad also comes home on Thursday. That means I have to hide all my Christmas cookies, but I get to see my dad!

~ Kit

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Way to go, Kit!!! Awwww, doesn't dad get any cookies? lol

Scraphappy, I love to hear about families being able to get together without having discord.

When I talked with DD2 yesterday, she said she is so blessed this week, and went on to tell me what had happened.....yes, she was blessed....an answer to prayer.

DD1 is buying her first home....closing was to be on the 30th, giving her only 1 day to move.....closing is now this Friday, giving her an extra 7 days....I consider that a blessing.


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Good job Kit! I think my son is hoping for a C in his math class too.

We went to my daughter's Christmas orchestra concert this week. It included the choir and wind ensembles. It was just incredible. She plays the viola.

Had my mom over for dinner this week as she was in my town shopping with a friend and they both came over for dinner and went to the concert with us.

Dorms are closed and my son is home from college (haha, he lives in the dorm 1.6 miles away and is home all the time) I about fell over when I came home from work on Monday and found he had loaded the dishwasher and wiped down the counters. I didn't even know he knew who to do that! He even let me hug him as a thank you.

I'm on vacation from work until after Christmas!!!

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