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renovatesueMarch 21, 2013

Please comment on the layout, cooktop placement etc. Note I don't like an open layout and only want to open to the breakfast room. I don't like people in my kitchen and I think the island will keep them out.

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What kind of refrigerator are you getting? It could be switched with the ovens/pantry. The ovens in an entryway could be a little tricky if people walk by. Also, the fridge would be more readily accessible to both eating areas without entering your work area. Is the aisle about 40 inches between the current pantry and prep sink peninsula? The fridge could be recessed a bit in the wall to gain some inches.

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Thats a great idea. we hav not decided on the brand but will use couner depth. Also there will be small beverage fridge at the end of the island next to the breakfast room

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Not sure a pantry next to an oven is a good idea either. Things stored in the pantry should not be exposed to heat. I hope you have some really good insulation between the two.

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Yes, switch the fridge and the ovens, then move the cooktop over next to the ovens. Pantry could go next to fridge or wall oven or both. I have a wall oven and a cooktop next to it (well about 2ft away) and love having the landing space of the cooktop for taking things out of the oven. If the cooktop is full of pots I always have the counter space between the two. I like having all my hot things to one side.
Also, I know everyone loves their prep sinks, but I would question if you really need one in that location. Then again I'm not a fan of anything on peninsula counters.
Whatever you do don't move the sink from center position below the window. IMHO that is just where a sink belongs.

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Have you actually stood at a cooktop or range pushed that tightly into a corner? It might be a problem there? Can any of those windows move to allow a slight repositioning?

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I echo Sumac...and no, a prep sink isn't necessary if you move things around b/c the cleanup sink will be close enough to the cooktop.

What are the dimensions of the space? Overall? The width/length of each wall/window/door and the distances b/w each wall/window/door?

Depending on the dimensions, you would have:

DW + Sink + Trash + cabinet + corner cabinet + cabinet? + cooktop + cabinet + Oven

With one many people will typically be working in the kitchen at one time? Will there be multiple cooks? Will there be someone cleaning up while someone else is cooking/prepping? If so, you might want a prep sink, but I would put it in the island, not on the peninsula.

If you're looking for a snack center w/a sink, then I would see what I could build on the bottom wall - but it might required making the island smaller.

Can the DR doorway move to the other side (to the left)? does not look like you have the space to have both table space/seating and counter seating. I'm assuming you are planning for counter seats....if not, then you're OK as long as you have 36" to 48" b/w the table and counter. With counter seating, it should be more like 54" to 60" - I speak from experience. We have a similar setup w/48" b/w the table and peninsula...and it's not enough! If people are sitting in both places, there is no room at all to pass b/w them. (I would have liked another 12" to 18".)

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Great ideas. I will swap the fridge & the double oven. I want open shelving on wall w sink so I am moving the cooktop to the island. My DH is my sous chef & we are usually both in kitchen. I will purchase a smaller table. I will have DH add dimensions.

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