Gag Christmas Gifts

jksharpDecember 8, 2008

Does anyone else like to do gag gifts for Christmas? I am looking for ideas. Our daughter is getting married in May and I would like something for them and for my two (already married) sons and spouses, if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate the help.


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I have made Santa's longjohns as gifts. They use 2 pair of tube socks and can be easily taken apart and used. I have also used a safety can opener to open cans, removed the lable and used them to wrap gifts. Just glue the lid back on and glue on your own label.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sock long johns

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I googled gag gifts for Christmas. I really don't know their interest: music, politics, sports. Maybe this will help.

gag gifts for Christmas

Here is a link that might be useful: google search

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I don't mean this to be critical - seriously I don't because I don't know what else you do or which charities you may give to - but with the economic crunch this year almost every charity out there is hurting. People who normally give generously don't have enough for their own families right now, so they have nothing left over for the non-profit organizations. If you have any extra cash, instead of gag gifts that no one will use, please consider giving the money you would have spent to a charity instead. And if you have any clothing or household goods you aren't using anymore, please consider giving them to an organization that can use them. I work for an organization that takes donated clothing and goods, sells them and uses the money to fund job training programs. We are a large internationally recognized charity and our donations are down almost 40% this year. I don't care who you give to, but please consider using your Christmas money wisely.

Here's the disclaimer again: I'm not being critical of your gag gifts because you may already be a very generous donater to charities. I just know how many people are in desperate need this year.

Thanks for listening!

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