St Pete Pool Done! (almost)

c9pilotMay 18, 2011

Turned on the blue lights and went for our first swim last night, although it was a bit too cold for my husband to stay in for more than a minute or two.

I wanted to check out the depth of the steps and benches and the spa - perfect! Also had to "slurp" over the granite spillway...just because I had to.

We've been told that our city water is very green - that it'll take a week for the minerals and chemical balancing to turn blue. The PB's guy is out there right now starting the pool up so we won't be able to swim for a day.

Just trying to get used to the fact that we have a pool now!

Blog is up-to-date within 48 hours...detailed the PebbleTec application and "Shimmering Sea" for those who have been discussing these. What's also funny is that if you google "PebbleTec Blue Lagoon Shimmering Sea" my blog and GW posts are some of the first listings after the PebbleTec company sites - that is too weird.

This picture is about 5:30pm last night.

From The New Blue Pool

Here is a link that might be useful: My New Blue Pool Blog

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Hi C9, your blog is great, and very informative, thanks for putting so much effort into it. We're building in the Boston area and are about a week away from pebble. We would be getting our pebble today but unfortunately all of the rain has created quite a delay. Your pool is beautiful, congratulations - all of your hard work has paid off!

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Love this blog and your pool! Love the material choices you have made. I have to admit though I'm a bit impartial since I lived for a time as a kid in St. Pete on a waterway, probably not far from where you are! Lot's of memories. Enjoy the pool!

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Very tasteful, clean modern look! Applaud you! :)

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Love your pool. We live up in Tarpon and are just getting ready to start on ours. We are waiting for the permit. I cant wait to be swimming too. Enjoy. Your pool looks gorgeous at night!

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Your tile looks very nice. I don't think it clashes.

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The first photo matches the water, while the 2nd photo, the tile seems to blend with the deck, and the third looks so cool and relaxing. I don't see any clashing at all. Perhaps once the landscaping is in, it will bring everything together. It's like you have the dress and shoes (which are fabulous) and just waiting on the right accessories to pull it all together!

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I agree that it looks great and will look even better once the landscaping is done! We are wrapping up this week and I'm anxious too about tile/water color - I keep telling myself to relax about it b/c there's not a thing I can do about it now!

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