Opinions and photos of Satin Matrix Antigua and Northshore Plum

susan1404May 14, 2010

For those who have been following my earlier threads regarding my unlevel pool and cracked plaster, the PB has moved the tile and coping around the pool, and is giving me new plaster. While I'm very grateful that he is trying to help, I'm not convinced this will be the end of the problems! Anyway, he is recommending WetEdge Satin Matrix over Stonescapes Mini which is what I had before(any opinions/preferences from anyone here?). I'm really leaning towards Antigua or Northshore Plum but I can't find any good photos of water color. Thanks in advance!

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curious if you went with antigua or northshore and do you have any pictures? Are you happy with the satin matrix? We are plastering friday and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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We just had Satin Matrix Northshore Carribbean installed. Love the texture, feels better to me than the Pebbletec version. I struggled finding pictures as well, I finally emailed Wet Edge and they sent me lots of photos. Good Luck

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