How Many LED Lights Do We Need?

zuggy333May 5, 2010

Hi all, we're in the final stages of planning, and will be signing our contract within the next day or so, and I have one more question. Our pool builder feels that one LED light will be sufficient for our 18x38 Roman end pool. He said that back when he was installing fiber optic lights, he would have suggested two lights, but now he feels that the LED lights don't require that we have two for the pool size we're getting. What do you think?

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Our pool is roughly 16x32 and its free form in shape.

We have one LED in the pool, one in the hot tub, the tub is fine, the pool is brighter on the end the light is on. It still fills the pool with light, but I could see having 2 in my pool. I have the color logic 4.0 lights with the aquapure RS control center.

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We are building a classic rectangular shape 16 x 33 and our PB also said one LED would be best (Jandy Watercolors). He thought because it's straight 2 lights would make it too bright, but said a free form would prbly need 2. He also said the Jandy light is brighter than the Hayward or Pentire though. I called Jandy and they thought 1 was the right choice. The specs on it were 25 feet straight and 18 on the sides. Both did say there would be some shading in the shallow end but would still be lit. I think the color interior also makes a difference too.

We should be up and running in 2 weeks but won't know for sure until then.

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I highly recommend Pentair's IntelliBrite pool lights. They are the only LED pool light to use lens and reflector technology to spread the light into the pool. All other LED lights just blast the light straight forward.

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Our freeform pool is 25 x 37 and has two IntelliBrite lights. The light coverage and intensity is just about right. We have a number of benches that introduce some tricky shadows, but is looks just fine. One wouldn't be nearly enough.

Scroll to the end of my thread for some night pictures with lights on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Baltimore Pool Build (with pics)

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Thanks for your suggestions. After considering that our pool is going to be 18x38, and looking at Bob's pool I think we'll go with two lights. Plus, I saw the thread where people were stating what they wished they had done differently, and it appears that lighting is very important. Thanks again! You can all bet I'll be back.

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I was just reading over some recent threads and noticed that someone was debating the same thing. We did end up with two LED's but I wish I could remember the brand. Either way, we're extremely pleased that we chose two lights instead of one. And, nearly three years ago, when we were designing our pool, LED's weren't the only way to go, but we decided it was a good option. No regrets!

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