patio umbrella mosquito netting

shianeJune 4, 2012

We are considering purchasing a patio umbrella mosquito netting that fits over a market style patio table umbrella. This system has a bottom with Built-in Water or Sand Fillable Tube that Keeps the bottom of the screen taut and helps keep the wind from blowing the screen all over. We have read that some of these tubes leak getting sand or water all over. Does anyone have one of these and have you found another solution to keep the bottom down.

Thanks for your help.

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Can't you just stable/attach the netting to say, 1x1 baluster material or something like that?

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We bought an oval table 60" x 38" , now what size umbrella should I buy..Went shopping and there are mostly 9' and 10' ones out there - is that too big? We threw out our old dilapidated umbrella out last fall - it may have been 7 or 8 feet really don't remember but I dont have anything to compare on this new table.

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