Need help re: height to hang shower curtain rod

caroline94535April 10, 2013

I need help!

I'm finally hanging a "real" curtain rod above the tub/shower combo in the main bathroom. It's a curved two-bar rod to hold a vinyl liner on the inside of the tub and a decorative curtain on the outside of the tub.

Most shower curtains are 72" long. I need to know how high above the floor to hang the rod.

Also, being a curved rod...

...Do I hang the rod ends flush with the inside of the tub?

...Or should the rod ends be more to the center of the outside of the tub?

...Or flush with the outside edge of the tub, knowing the inner rod sits in 3-4 inches more to the inside?

The center of the outer side/wall of the tub is about 3 3/4 inches wide. The ends of the outer side of the tub are about 6" wide.

How high from the floor is your curtain rod hung? Is it centered on the center of the outer side of the tub?

Also, how far above the floor does the outer curtain hang?

I have to drill through porcelain tiles to hang this rod. I hope to get it right the first time. If I don't I'll be living with it "wrong" for a long, long time! LOL

My rod is similar to this one, but mine is in a brushed stainless finish.

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The height of a shower rod relative to the position of a tub is largely a matter of use and desired effect. Some shower curtains extend almost entirely to the floor while others drop just below the rim of an attractive claw foot tub. What is certain is the shower curtain liner needs to hang down into the tub below its rim so water does not splash onto the floor.
Hanging a Shower Rod

Shower curtains are commonly 6 feet in length from top to bottom. They are made longer as well. For custom bathtub designs, their length can vary greatly.

If you are installing the shower rod anew and need to know where to hang it, the first thing to do is measure the length of the liner. If it is 6 feet long, figure that it should hang below the rim of the tub at least 5 inches. That means the rod should be placed 5 feet 7 inches from the top of the tub. However, consider the difference between the rod placement and where the liner attaches to the curtain rings. If the liner dangles 2 inches below the rod, you can add that to the height of the rod, placing it 5 feet 9 inches above the tub.

The curtain also requires some consideration. It should not drag along the floor; rather, it should be at least 2 inches above it when hanging. If you want to showcase a claw foot tub, hang the curtain just a few inches below the rim of the tub.

Here is a link that might be useful: shower rods

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We just hung a straight (not curved) rod last week. I went ahead and put the shower curtains on it and had DH hold it and move it around until I liked it. The outside curtain hangs about 2.5" from the floor. I might have hung it an inch lower but the way our shower is made the rod couldn't be mounted any lower. Doing that would probably have made the interior curtain drag too much on the bottom of the shower though. We hung the rod right at the inside edge of the shower and it is working out perfectly.

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You can always get a custom shower curtain for your bathroom if 72" might not be working.

The site below, they can get it customized by its width or length.

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom Shower Curtain

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Gosh, can you hang the rods without drilling through the tile? I would center the rods over the edge of the tub so that the liner will drape into the tub and the decorative curtain will hang outside the tub.

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