12-7 diet/exercise

grammypDecember 7, 2006

Once again I am late with my post. This has been a challenging week for me. Both grands have upper resp infections, Grandmother is in the hospital with bloodclots in her lungs, MIL is getting over s stomach virus (with her parkinsons it is really hard to recover after missing 2 days of meds). I have lost my voice, my ears, throat, shoulder, and head hurt, my right clavical is enlarged and painfull underneath, and I have a fever. Work sure was hard yesterday and I have to work tomorrow (everyone else is out of town, so there is no choice).

So much for complaining, now the good news. I lost 2 pounds again last week, even after eating out twice. That makes me feel much better after going 2 weeks with no loss. I really don't feel like exercising right now, but I don't feel like eating either, so it should work out nicely.

I know we haven't started any new challenges lately, but with all the holiday foods available I am sure we are having enough trouble just keeping up with the old ones. After the new year we can start with a new list. Remember

Move 30 minutes daily

give up 1 of your "bad" foods and replace with water

eat several small "feedings" daily instead of 3 large ones

close the kitchen after dinner


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