solar sun disks vs. solar sun rings?

chambleemamaMay 9, 2010

The disks appear to address problems and complaints I've seen about the solar sun rings. Does anyone have experience with these disks? Also, they connect with velcro instead of magnets. Does that affect their safety for children or pets who fall into the pool? The rings advertise that they separate when that happens. How about the disks?

My pool is under repair, so the water will miss at least a month of warming time. I want a warm pool! I also want something that I can put down and take up all by myself.

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Solar covers and rings don't normally add a whole lot of BTUs. They do help keep the absorbed energy from escaping with evaporation.

What this means to you is if your pool is 80 degrees and the night air dropped to 55 for example, with a cover, you might only lose a couple of degrees but without the cover/rings, it could drop as much 6 degrees by the morning.


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We are interested in the solar disks/rings are they available in Vancouver BC? What is the difference betwenn those 2
Please lett us know

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