12-10 Prayer requests.

grammypDecember 10, 2006

I will start a new thread each Sunday for our prayer requests. Please feel free to post as you wish. Prayer time will be 7a and/or 7p your local time.

Please pray for my #1DD. Her hubby is at an inpatient alcohol treatment facility and she is having a difficult time with 2 young children. She has never been the most motivated person to get things done and this is just another log on the fire.

Thanks, God bless


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Thank you Beverly!
Will keep good thoughts heading for your DD.
Please continue to keep Bon and Larry in your prayers and thoughts...I have emailed Larry, but no response.
Jean (Michelle's gram) goes to the onocologist this week to find out her course of action. We saw her Friday night and she is really in a bad way. She's ready to fight tho, and that is positive! Her DH has asbesto's spots on his lungs, same as my dad had, from the same paper mill.
I ask too, selfishly, for guidance, I have been "haunted" by Carole's memories lately, and have an odd feeling I just can't figure out or shake. Her anniversary of death isn't until Jan 22, so I am not sure what this all means.
Thank you all...

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Grammy P and Lisa, you are both in my thoughts and prayers. Lisa, did you have special things that you did at Christmastime with Carole? That may be part of what is triggering this...
Mom is still in the hospital - it will be 4 weeks tomorrow.
Thank you,
Kelly - Lots2do

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Beverly, Lisa and Kelly, I'm keeping your intentions in my prayers and please keep praying for my husband who is really suffering and I hope the new doctor he is seeing on the 18th can be of some help and for my BIL who was just diagnosed with Lymphoma. Thanks to all.


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will pray for all here and please pray for friend Nancy' still in lots of pain from knee replacment .

also pray for friends that need job and to relocate.
pray for Gods will in this matter . He was ask to leave a church he was pastoring . Its a small church and wanted him for full time and when he had to take a side job they ask him to leave . now he has to be out of the house by the 31 of thie month

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I think we should pray for Janice's (janice__indiana5, I believe) family, since she mentioned in chat the other day that they were having a lot of illness.

I would also like to say thank you to GrammyP for starting this. It makes me feel good to know that we're such a loving group, and that I have a thread I can look through to remember who needs to be in my thoughts.

~ Kit

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Hi All!
Kelly, Carole loved Christmas and even when ill that's when she rallied. It was at this time last year that her mom had just passed and we cleaned out her apartment for Carole. Also, thinking back, this is when I really realized that she probably wasn't going to make it, no matter what she said. Maybe that's it, or it's because it's the first Christmas when I am not going to get that call Christmas morning from her....I also know that once Christmas is over, the next
"holiday" is my birthday in January...Carole died the day before, that day will be very hard for me. I try to keep the good memories going, but sometimes it's gets overwhelming even still as to how much I miss her. Carole was the forever friend everyone needs to have, no matter what or when, she was always there.
I am doing some deep cleaning around here, that seems to be taking my mind off it. I'm sorry, got a bit long winded there, I appreciate having an outlet, as there isn't one here!
Thank you all, and I am praying for your needs too!!!
Love you all

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You are all very welcome. Sharon (geezerfolks) actually suggested it would be nice to have all our requests in one place. I just started the thread.

My grandmother left the hospital last night (blood clots in both legs and lungs). She is still very week and will be staying with my parents for an unknown length of time. Mom already has her aunt Sue (grandmother's sister) living with her. Please remember my Mom and Dad, they will have their hands full. I have to work this Wed thru weekend so I won't be much help. Next week I will go and help clean for Christmas company.

I am doing so much better this week. I still don't have much of a voice, but at least my throat doesn't hurt.

Lisa you will soon finish all the "first's" after Carol's passing. The first Christmas is always very hard. Please know she is better now and no longer in pain. You will see her again.

I remember all of you daily in my prayers.


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An update on my uncle and DD2....

My uncle's dr in MI has given him the ok to travel to FL and has set up his next chemo treatment in Port Charlotte, which is close to their winter home. I'm looking forward to seeing him as they plan to stay here a couple days on their way through.

My daughter (Wendy) saw the endocrinologist today and all symptoms point to a tumor on her pituitary gland, so an MRI of her brain is scheduled for the 19th. I don't know too much about this area except that it's close to the brain.....and I'm scared! Can't imagine how she's feeling. He wants her to have a few other tests also but is doing the MRI first. She said they took 9 vials of blood today. Please continue to pray for her. Thank you.........

All your prayer requests are still on my list.


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I am glad I discovered this thread. You and yours will be in my prayers.


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Sharon, I keep your uncle and Wendy in my daily prayers.

Well, my grandmother went back to the dr today and it seems all her shortness of breath and weekness had been coming from the blood clots (missed by 2 internal med drs, 1 renal, and 2 cardiac drs, hmm). Her feet are still swollen, and her hand is swollen and sore where the IV infiltrated. If she isn't better tomorrow Mom will take her back. She does not like staying with Mom & Dad, but that is the best place for her now.

Dad has cataract surgery in the morning (my poor mother). My MIL is supposed to go to MS gambling with her brother tomorrow, so after he picks her up I may take the grands and make a trip to Cullman to see if I can help out. Mom said not to, but I feel so bad just sitting here. Of course, I may not be too much help with a 3 yo and 6 week old in tow either.

Please keep my mother in your prayers.


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I got a call from Mom's doctor Tuesday night. Mom developed problems with her intravenous and they have all been taken out. She is turning down all nutrition and medication except for pain medication. He was quite clear that I needed to come to see her sooner rather than later. I spent most of the day with her yesterday. (She told a nurse Tues. night that she thought she would die on Wednesday). She was able to share some thoughts with me. Of course, I did a lot of crying. I am going to try school today but I'm not sure how it will go. Hopefully administration will be helpful if I can't make it through the day.
I appreciate everyone's kind thoughts at this difficult time.
Take care,
Kelly (NH - lots2do)

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Beverly, It's amazing what the doctors can miss! And blood clots can be life threatening!!! I remember when my mom went from living in her own little apt in the same building as my sister to actually having to live with her. Really lets them know they can't take care of themselves completely and have to be watched. Your family continues to be in my prayers.

Hang in there, Kelly......we're praying for you. (((((Kelly)))))

At night, when I go to bed, I hold the list of prayer requests close to my heart and weep.....so much sadness and feeling of helplessness. But we know the Healer of all things.......whether it's spiritual, physical, mental, emotional or financial.


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I just heard from my sister. When one of her co-workers (John) and his wife got home from work last night, they found that their 14 year old son had committed suicide.

Please keep them in prayer.........


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Sharon, I am so sorry. Please send my sympathies to the family and let them know they are in my prayers.


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You know, this time of year brings to our memory the loved ones who are no longer with us. Our hearts fill with longing,loss, love, and memories of wonderful past Holidays.
I tell my children and grandchildren the stories of those who are no longer here, and allow them to feel the love I still have for my loved ones. In doing so, they too have learned to love family members they never knew. My mother did this for us and I continue the traditation.
This year, we will be rejoicing in the fact that Miracles do happen in our world.

One month ago today, the Doctors spoke to my Mother and I to let us know that my Father was dying and to call the family together to say good-bye. They didn't expect him to survive the night.
I am so thankful that this year, I won't be telling my children and grandchildren stories about my Dad, instead, thanks to prayer my Dad will be telling his own stories.

The bible tells us that what's impossible for man, is possible for God.
You are all in my prayers.


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Thank you for that reminder Doris. I am so glad you Dad will be telling stories again this year. Prayer does work, sometimes it is just hard to remember.

God bless all, and you are in my daily prayers.


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