Any experience with Medallion or Schrock cabinets?

alicia58801March 4, 2009

We are looking at purchasing cabinets from Menards and have looked at both the Medallion and Schrock cabinets. It seems that they are fairly comparable in construction and options. How about the quality? Will they last?

We are on a fairly tight budget. With a pretty considerable contractor discount the price is right for these cabinet lines. Yes, I've priced out our local cabinetmaker and he is way out of our price range. Not many options in our small town. Does anyone have experience with either of these lines? Thanks.


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Medallion is a mid-level cabinet...aka semi-custom. I think their finishes are very nice and almost have a higher end custom look to opposed to most semi-custom and stock grade cabinets. You will find that most people here on GW have very positive things to say about Medallion.

These cabinets should last, easily 20 to 30 years with good care.

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Thanks for the input, Kompy. Glad to hear Medallion has a good reputation. Anybody know anything about Schrock?

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I don't have any experience with Schrock, other than that I ordered one for above the refrigerator along with two end panels. They are due in this week and will be installed in a month or so.

We are painting our old Corsi cabinets and Schrock was the only line I found that had a similar door style, so that's why I picked them. I will be watching this thread with interest for opinions :) Although, it's too late for me to change!

Good Luck!

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I just placed a cabinet order with Medallion mostly based on good reviews here. I really liked the fact that there were so many easy ways to customize my order. We went with the Premium Choice in Cashew Burnished- the Dover door style. Anyone I've told about buying my cabinets at Menards have been very unimpressed with that decision. I'm totally looking forward to showing them that these are beautiful, quality cabinets- at least I'm praying this will be the case! Good luck to you!

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Friends of ours have Schrock cabinets in their master bath, and they love them. They were going to go with Schrock for their kitchen, but found a custom cabinet guy for the same price.

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I have Schrock cabinets in my new kitchen and think they look beautiful. They seem very solid so I expect them to last longer than me. I went with them strictly based on the color - a glazed moss. I was set on a green and my contractor suggested a local kitchen/bath store that he works with that handle the Schrock line. They have all kinds of bells and whistles avaiable so you can make them as expensive as you want depending on your add ons. One cabinet came in with some very minor damage that my installer noticed before placement. They couldn't do an onsite repair because of the paint and glazing so they ordered a new one. It messed up my plans for holiday entertaining but I'm glad it was corrected before it went onto the wall.

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We installed Medallion cabinets this past year in our kitchen and we are very happy with them. We chose a very simple finish and that made them quite affordable.

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Hi there,

I was in a similar situation a month ago when I was cabinet shopping.

We went to Menards and priced out the shaker style white cabinets in the Shrock and Medallion lines.

We also went to Lowes and priced out the Diamond line for the same cabinets--whte, shaker style.

We have a small kitchen 8.5 x 12.5
We included a pull out pantry, some drawer bases, some glass door uppers
the Schrock price was about 6500 (Menards was having that bimonthly sale on the Schrock line) includuing full extension, soft close doors, dovetail joints...

the Medallion price was about 8500

The Lowes Diamond cabinets were 7500. We really liked our kitchen designer at Lowes, she was GREAT! And we took the Schrock cabinet catalog as well as the Diamond cabinet catalog and showed them that the pictures with our cabinets in them, were identical in both catalogs. We then negotiated the price down to the Menards price ;)

In any event, sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to let you know that the Diamond line and the Schrock line I have found to be identical in every way, atleast for the shaker style doors, which are what I was interested in.

I have heard great things about Medallion, but at the end of the day, the $2000 difference was a lot of money for us to save and use toward wood floors in teh kitchen, or appliances, etc.

All that said, I have seen a couple of Diamond cabinet kitchens and 1 Schrock, and I think they look LOVELY.

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You may want to stop in at Lowe's to inspect the Shuler Cabs, an affiliate of Medallion. They were the best buy in my area for similar cabinets. They did a sample door, painted on maple with a glaze, that surpassed all the competitors. Also after some negotiation, Lowes came way down in price. Currently there is a special deal being offered. I think buy shuler cabs and get a $1000 Lowes shopping card. Our cabinets are being delivered tomorrow. Right on schedule. We are looking forward to it.

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My Schrock cabinets are four years old (Maple raised panel).

Not sure what to say about them except they've held up very well.

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Thank you all for your comments! You've made me feel more confident about purchasing either of these cabinetry lines. People always cringe a little bit when I say we are thinking of buying our cabinets at Menards. But why not? When the quality is good and the price is right - and the reviews are positive - that is good enough for me. Thank you!


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My Schrock cabinets are 11 years old and just now starting to show signs of wear. A little peeling on the cabinets near the cooktop (steam and heat). Overall very happy with them.

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Alicia58801- I know that look you get when you say Menards. But like you said for good quality and value -why not? My cabinets are due around March 20th and will post back with what I think. Good luck on your ordering- post back what you decide to do.

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Alicia - I am so happy you posted this. We are building a new home and we are purchasing all 35 cabinets for our new house in Schrock from Menards. I have done alot of homework and they are great for the money. We are doing the White Painted Maple for the Kitchen and the Beadboard Laminate for the Bathrooms. FYI - Diamond at Lowes, Thomasville at HD and Schrock at Menards are all the same company!! So you are getting the same cabinets just in different boxes and different prices! So just tell everyone they are Diamond - no one will know the difference.

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Well, I spent a few hours at Menard's today with my finalized kitchen layout pricing out the Schrock cabinets. Very pretty rustic alder shaker doors, floor to ceiling cabinets for my 14.5 x 15 ft. U-shaped kitchen with island. They have a special going on now - 16% off of all plywood construction. I priced out the upgrades for soft close and full extension drawers. So, with basically all of the upgrades possible, my fairly good-sized kitchen still came in under 14K, which I thought was pretty reasonable for that many cabinets.

While I'm sure there will still be changes made (don't know if I need all of those upgrades), I think we'll definitely be going with Schrock. Beautiful cabinets, solid construction, lots of choices, and reasonable prices (with sales going on almost every other week--I know because I asked!) I'll be sure to let you all know how they turn out once ordered and in the house. Thanks again for all the feedback!


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Do not buy Schrock cabinets...I recently purchased kitchen cabinets through Menards for my kitchen. Took 3 weeks to get them as promised. I paid a contractor to install only to find out that one of the cabinets was cracked (not from shipping), one of the cabinet drawers was crooked from 2 different size rollers, numerous gaps in the bottom of the base cabinets with excessive glue drips. These must have been made on Monday morning or Friday afternoon. They obviously don't have much of a quality inspection of finished product. Menards is standing behind the purchase, but I am having to wait weeks to get the replacements. I wish I would have spent a little more and purchased good craftmanship.

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Thanks a ton for the precautionary comments, James. I'm installing 12 new cabinets in a rental house and doing the installation myself. I'm trying to keep price under $2500. Got a quote for $2000 for Shrock oak / Delmont arch / chestnut finish and after spending 25 hours visiting 10 websites and Lowes and Home Depot and Menards and Hobo I was ready to go with Shrock from Menards as a best value for the money pick as they included 24% upgrade for all wood / plywood construction. Other choice was a ready to assemble set from for $2400 or similar cabinets from Lowes Diamond Prelude Halifax Oak Square for $2400. Since Schrock and Diamond and Thomasville are all made in Jasper Ind by parent company Mastercraft is there any difference between them? Should I scratch all three? After all of this time researching I need to get these cabinets ordered in a couple days so I can finish the kitchen remodel before I start teaching again in 6 weeks. If anyone has any helpful advice please call me asap at 847-502-0190 as I'll have to make a decision shortly and live with it for a decade or more. I'm using Allure vinyl flooring tiles from Home Depot and granite countertop from discount granite shop on Allanson rd in Mundelein. Any advice on the Allure tile product? Thanks!!!!!! brian

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I had Schrock cabinets installed in my old house a number of years ago. Mom had Kraft Made (sp?) which are not real wood. The sides are like a contact paper. Since they lived in a sunny location the side facing the window got faded over time. We wanted REAL wood cabinets, and went with Schrock. They are solid, beautiful, and very durable. I got a pantry cabinet with drawers put in which I REALLY miss in the new house. We chose natural hickory with the shaker style and I am crying like a baby because where I live now they used crappy Ikea cabinets....real wood but not at all what I'm used to. At the time of purchase the only down-side was that there weren't a lot of drawer inserts that I would have liked, available from other cabinet makers. That may not be the case now. Will let you know as when we sell our other property we are gutting this baby and probably putting in Schrock cabinets here also. I did my homework. I also went to a small distributor that just sells kitchen/bathroom cabinets and accessories. Even if you don't buy there get the little guy to give you the down-low on the cabinets and features. Hope this helps!

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