12-7 prayer requests.

grammypDecember 7, 2006

I will get things started with a list for next Sunday.

Glassquilt and DH health and house

Bon and Larry's health

My family's health (grandmother in hospital with blood clots in lungs, both grandbabies have upper resp infections, I have Dr appt today with possible strep and pain under my clavical, MIL getting over stomach virus)

Kit's health

I know there are more, please post as you feel the need.

Perhaps this should be a daily prayer time at 7 each morning.


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Need a miracle for health and finances...please pray about situation with new baby when she comes. The father has chosen not to be involved,,,no contact since he found out,and it would be in the babies best interest if he stayed un invoved.Dont need to go into details,,God knows,,,but just pray for Him to intervene and keep baby safe. Im praying for you all, as I have every day ...River

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Not one to complain about my issues, but I have an upper endoscopy scheduled for Monday, Dec. 11 - I have Barrett's Esophagus, a serious consequence of GERD, and it will be my 3rd scope - to check on how and if there is healing. The scope is nothing to endure - don't remember a second of it, and have a nice nap afterwards, but last time, due to the meds given, my blood pressure bottomed out (80/16 or so) and I'm a little worried about that, anxious to just get it all over with, and proceed with Christmas preparations. Also, I hope the news is positive, too!

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beverly, thank you so much for starting this. Since I am not a morning person, I plan to review this list each night before bedtime. I can then include everyone in my nighttime prayers and thoughts....
Thanks again

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This is so nice! I'm not a morning person either so I'll be looking the list over each night & praying then. Thanks for doing this, Beverly. We all need prayer & loving support from our friends on this wonderful forum.

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Thanks for getting this started, Beverly. I just posted over in discussion that we could do 7 am or pm or both, if our schedule allowed it.

Please remember my uncle in prayer. He's been fighting cancer for a long time and now it's everywhere except his brain. DH and I are very, very close to him and his wife.

Also, my daughter.....she has an appt on the 12th with an endocrinologist.


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Please remember my DH in prayer as he as chronic debilatating 24/7 pain that the doctors can't seem to manage. Also just found out my BIL (his brother) has lymph-node cancer. Thank you all for caring. I will be praying for you all.


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I should ask prayer for Michelle's gramma Jean. She has just been diagnosed with lung cancer....and her husband continues to fight cancer, think stomach. This family has been thru so much...please keep them in prayer. Also, prayers for a distant friend of Michelle's Sarah Council, who has just finished cancer treatment, was found to be cancer free and now has just yesterday been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her chemo will start in the next few days.
Thank you
I will be praying for you all also

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Thanks for starting this. Please keep my son, Tyler, in your prayers as he is dealing with Bell's Palsy. He was diagnosed on the Nov. 28 and is on steriods & antiviral meds. So far no change in condition. Please pray for a speedy recovery.
I will be praying for everyone else at 7 a.m
Thank you.

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Please pray for my dear friend Nancy . She had knee replacement this week and in lots of pain

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I'd like to also thank you for starting this.

My mom is still in the hospital - going on 4 weeks now. She has no mobility in her limbs. They can't find a medical reason so far.

I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers,
Kelly - Lots2do

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I pray we will soon see some answers to our prayer requests. I will start a new thread each Sunday for the week.

God bless

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