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grammypDecember 24, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone. We are all so blessed. We have wonderful family and friends who love us, warts and all. We have many brave people who protect and defend us both at home and abroad. Thank you all my friends, family, firefighters, police, coast guard, military, physicians, nurses, and EMTs, and all the volenteers who help when needed. If I missed anyone, please forgive me.

Merry Christmas to all.

((hugs and prayers))


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Ditto, Beverly!

We also feel blessed. DD3 was telling me how the owners of the dealerships where she works has blessed her. I love the fact my girls have been telling me how they have been blessed, and they actually use the word 'blessed'. And, I have not told them about this thread.

My uncle with cancer took a year of Interferon six and a half years ago. If they live thru the treatment, it usually gives them close to an extra 5 years. Here it is 6 and a half years later and he's still going! The doctors say it's a miracle, but we know Who to praise and give thanks to! They came in on Thursday afternoon from Michigan looking tired and bedraggled. By the time they left this morning, my aunt commented on how good my uncle looked and was acting. Granted, we laughed and laughed and laughed....a lot! "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:..." Prov 17:22


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Sharon, this is certainly answered prayer. I am so glad he made the trip and had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing.


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I feel blessed to have found all the friendships that I have on this forum. Because of the comment made about personal posts on the discussion forum, I might possibly find myself banned. I was warned once, but just assumed with all of the other posts made it was ok. So we will see!
anyway..bless you all, I love you, and thank you!!!
u know where to find me!LOL

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OH Gosh Lisa, Don't get too upset about personal stories on this forum.. We discussed this before and I think at that time the majority loved to hear about their quilt friends lives. If some don't want to read it I'm sure they can skip it. Heck, We loved that you shared GB photos with us, and are very interested in updates on the new baby too. Just as I'm interested in the things others were doing over the holidays. Some of our quilting freinds didn't have the merriest Christmas and it is wonderful that they know they have freinds here. That makes us all blessed.

DH and I were pouting just a little on Christmas Eve that we didn't have anyone home on Christmas morning to get up with and see if Santa had arrived. You see our 3 kids are now adults with babies of their own. All of them were spending Xmas morning with their inlaws and I was only being selfish as they are all visiting us on the 27th. I am thankful for that and was just having a sad moment cause I would of couse loved to have had Christmas morning(selfish). Anyway, The 1st one phoned us @7:30 a.m. and woke us up, we just crawled back into bed when the 2nd one phoned, by then I was awake and making coffee and the 3rd phoned. He was whispering into the phone "Mom, everyone's still in bed here. It sure isn't like home!" Well my day was made just knowing that even though they couldn't be here, they were thinking of home. And they will all be here in 2 days and we will celebrate together, all my kids and Grands, and our parents. Boy those three phone calls made my day. I am so blessed.

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First, thank you Beverly for posing the threads on this site. You are always so inspiring with you great outlook on life. thank you!!

This has been an odd Holiday season. Not the usual excitement for me. But I am so thankful to have my family and friends.

My children have called or come by today. The first thing this morning, my son called and my Grandson sang a christmas song to me that he had learned in his pre-school class. They live in Florida.

My DD#2 came by with my other GS and he opened the gifts I had for him, and we spent a couple hours together.

My DD#1 called from Baton Rouge, she was working and feeling a bit lonely.

When my 13 year old GD's Dad came by an took her for a few days, (she lives with me). I'm always sad when she's gone. It kinda feels like the sun goes with her.

We went to the hospital and visited my Dad and Mom for a while.I'm so thankful to be able to have them with me again this year.

I was feeling kinda sad and dedided to check in to see what you guys were doing.

I was so glad I did. Redpenny had me laughing with her posts, and I enjoyed reading what all everyone was up to.

I'm real happy that my extended family decided to check in today.

So when we're sharing our lives, remember, we all touch each other in some special way.

BTW,,,I to am thankful for friends, family, firefighters, police, coast guard, military, physicians, nurses, and EMTs, and all the volenteers who help when needed. They so unselfishly give of themselves. While we're all at home and enjoying the holidays, they are out there protecting, defendng, and helping.
Thank you for remembering, Beverly.


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Lisa, I don't see how you can be banned. IVillage would make that call and if that happened just because of posting personal info in discussions, you wouldn't be the only one.

Since our family has gotten so large, and there are in-laws and more in-laws, we've found that it isn't so much the actual 'day' we get together, but the fact that we can! And, that it isn't a hardship for all concerned. In the beginning, when we had to do away with what was tradition, it was difficult to accept, but oh how much more relaxing it was and easier for everyone.

I think being able to accept that 'tradition' cannot be retained any longer, and it's ok, is a blessing in itself.


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Nice message Bev. We are all blessed in many and different ways and I am truly thankful for that and for this forum.


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