wal-mart closing fabrics

mamabear4December 31, 2006

I am taking a risk here. I wanted to know if you ladies had heard of the move to ask Wal-Mart NOT to close their fabric department. I heard about this some months ago but now there is a petition. My concern is primarily for the women who live in rural areas who cannot get to a Fabric store easily. I know some who are very dependent on Wal-Mart for fabric and sewing supplies.

If you are interested, please let me know.

I tried to send a direct mail and link to one member and GardenWeb would not allow me to do so. I think some of you will be interested if you have not already heard of this.

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I live in a rural area and Walmart would be really stupid to close out their fabric dept as that's all that's here for 30 miles except for the expensive LQS. I would be forced to use my stash...... lol

SharonG/FL [


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Check with someone at your Walmart that REALLY knows what they are talking about! I talked to my two fav ladies today and we are not on the list to close! YEAH!!! They said they are closing 10 fabric centers locally this year, then after that they will do a yearly evaluation of each store. They are saying for us right now, 2009!
I had gotten a totally different answer from someone else there, that apparently didn't know the right info! These two ladies are like the dept manager and her right hand woman.
So..check with your local store!

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I don't shop Wallmart, but happened to go there with a friend just a couple of weeks ago. Jeez - the store is so big...and the fabric department doesn't take up much room...I don't see why they would want to take them out? In walking through the store, they seemed to have just about everything you could think of, so I don't know what else would take the place of it that is missing now. I hope you all get to keep your fabric department.

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It's a store by store decission. Some are - some aren't.

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Ladies, thanks for your input. From what some people have heard they were planning to close all stores. Maybe we need to write to Headquarters and find out. I have talked to mgrs at 2 stores and they do not know anything. A friend in Biloxi, Miss. said they have a beautiful fabric dept. It may depend on sales figures.
The new Super store near me has a cramped and crowded dept. You cannot pull out bolts to look at designs. Really such a poor design I think it is ready for the dump.

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