Pergola Posts and Sleeving

riles_jJune 1, 2011

Some of you may recall all the advice I received a few years back building my Ipe deck. Thanks again to all! I have been busy putting an outdoor kitchen on it and now I want to add a pergola. The pergola will be about 8'x10' (post to post). I plan to run twin 2x8's for beams and nothched 2x6's for joists and then 2x2's for perlins. My question is in regards to the posts. I had originally planned to put in 6x6 cedar posts, however, I am having difficuly finding them, finished, for a reasonable price. Instead my plan is to run 4x4 PT posts and sleeve them in 1x6 & 1x4 cedar. I should note that I plan to run them through the deck to the ground. On to my questions.

1) My deck sits about 4' off the ground and they are coming up through my outdoor kitchen (another 3') and I planned to just skin the top 5-6', above the counter. I thinking I should probably try to connect these to the deck joists or beams to provide stability. Is that the way to go?

2) If I connect the posts to the deck, should I go ahead and bury the posts in concrete or just set them on top of a pier?

3) Are PT posts ok, if I plan to sleeve them? I know time is of the essense to limit twisting. My thought was to set the posts, and begin sleeving immediately. Will that be OK. I am hoping that once sleeved move will not be nearly as bad. True, or those post risk busting up my sleeve?

4) I originally thought I could sleeve by running a 1x4 to sides and the running the 1x6 on the opposite sides. My hesitation is that the 1x4 isn't enough to cover one side of the 4x4 if it is bowed at all. I guess now I am thinking of just getting ALL 1x6 instead and just ripping to fit in case of any irregularity.

I appreciate any and all advice. Thanks in advance.


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You have a good handle on all of it.

Personally, I usually set the PT posts in concrete, more stable. But if you block it in at deck level, that will do something similar and you won't have to worry about the posts rotting.

Well if the post bowed, you can still bend the 1x4 to match the post. If you can't, then the post shouldn't have been used.

Mark, Jon Mon's friend

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