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true4ucaNovember 6, 2006


First off let me say I know squat about computers.Two of my sisters & I have IM.Can they both see my messages,when the three of us are on-line.I'm a really slow typist so it would save my typing two responces.Any advice.


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I haven't used IM in a while, but it used to be private, but you had the option of opening a group chat so multiple people could chat in a "room". You would be able to invite as many people as you wanted, but no one could just join in.


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I know AIM and MSN both have an option to have multiple people in one IM box. AIMs is actually a chat room, but MSN is more of a group chat. I'm not sure about yahoo or ICQ.

I copy/paste a lot to save time typing.

~ Kit

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I think you would have to do something special to have all three of you in one chat at once.

Not sure if you're asking because you want to have all three at once, or because you don't want to accidentally be "overseen" by one when talking to the other. (Of course you could also be "just curious" but that's not so dramatic!)

At any rate -- always be careful what you type to anyone on the computer because things can be saved, printed, copied, forwarded, etc. And then there's always the dreaded "oooops, I sent that to the WRONG person" incident!

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