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grammypNovember 29, 2006

Well, here we are, a week after Thanksgiving. All the leftovers are gone and our thoughts are turning to decorating and cooking for Christmas. This is the second week I have not lost anything, but I haven't gained either. I guess I have just reached a plateau. I am finding it harder to get as much exercise now that the weather has turned cool and wet. Spin class just isn't as much fun a riding the bike, but I will keep at it (so I can eat for Christmas).

We had our employee lunch at work today and I managed to stay well below my allowed calories for the day (and still ate 2 cookies). Since we have been watching what we eat I find I don't really want as much sweet as I used to (which is a very good thing). I want the most bang for my calorie and that is more vegeies, but I sure do miss my pasta!

I hope everyone is finding some way to get their 30 minutes of movement daily, drinking their water, and closing the kitchen early. Have a wonderful week.


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Good for you, Beverly!! Maintaining at this time of year is awesome!!!!

I'm on the band wagon again. My new doc apologized to me for doing this to me at this time of year, but he said if I didn't lose some weight I would have full blown diabetes within 5 years. I had lost 4 pounds since I saw him last month, so at least that was something! He recommended the South Beach Diet (he's on it, too). I've been looking into it and plan to start, in earnest, on Monday. Doing without bread, rice and pasta for 2 weeks is my main concern.....right now. We already do the whole grain bread, but will need to start buying wheat pasta and brown rice. Other than that, lots of veggies and lean meat. I'll probably start hitting the fresh veggie stands a couple times a week now and have more bags of veggies in the freezer. Another thing that will be a hurdle is that every once in awhile my stomach seems to need a swallow or two of regular Coke.

Up until now, my DH hasn't been real helpful in any weight loss for me and said I shouldn't have to worry about it at this time of my life. Now he's singing a different tune and told me to let him know what's in the fridge that is mine and he shouldn't eat. HA! He should be eating the same thing as me......but he won't do without his toast every morning.

Sorry for being so 'wordy' this morning......I'm off to watch quilting shows on TV.......


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We've got snow and are housebound. My exercise is using the computer at one end of the house and answering the phone at the other end. If I run I can get there before the third ring.
Between DD & SIL's calls and our calls I've been getting a lot today. DGS reminded me that there's a phone in the hall near me. I told him it's the only exercise I get.

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Not the best reason to get your exercise, glass, but whatever works! @:) (((((glass)))))


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Here it is Tuesday night already....my second day on the SBD. I think I'm doing ok.....don't feel hungry and surprisingly, not missing my bread! I think the one thing that helps is that I like eggs, so I boiled up a bunch of them and when I feel really hungry and want to munch, I eat one of those.....but I know I should be careful and not overdo it. Had Taco salad (with ground turkey) tonight.....DH loved it! Roasted eggplant last night and don't think I'll do that again....but the other veggies were good....onions, green beans, green peppers. Plan to finish up the taco stuff tomorrow with probably a turkey sandwich (using those huge lettuce leaves instead of bread) and then make soup on Thursday. Friday is shrimp........yeaaaaaaa

Hope y'all are havin' a great week!


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