Pros & Homeowners. PLEASE, how do these cabinet manuf. compare?

islanddevilMarch 23, 2013

Planning to remodel our kitchen and 2 baths. Not a DIYer and need a great KD. All I know for sure is I want paint finish shaker-ish cabs in my kitchen, durable with a GREAT finish.

We like 3 designers in our area. All use different cabinet manufacturers and I would love to know if you have any experience or knowledge of the following cabinet companies and how they compare in quality, price, etc; anything you can tell me, good bad or ugly.

All the designers work with a few brands, including local custom builders, but for paint finish in CA we'd prefer baked on by manufacturer, and the following are our choices by KD.

In no particular order KD with their cabinet choices:

#1: Dewils cabinets

#2: Brookhaven or Woodmode

#3 Heritage, Hallmark or DuraSupreme.

Thank you!

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Hi Island. If you haven't already done this, you can search the forum for threads about each company. I found that very helpful when putting together my own shortlist of cabinets to go see in person. I believe most of the lines you list above get good reviews on here, though I don't know how they rate for paint finish. Since I am shopping for white painted cabs, I'll be interested to hear what others say. Paint finish is very important for me and I especially wanted the option of a matte or low sheen finish. So far I have looked at Crystal, Plain & Fancy, Crownpoint, Shiloh and Medallion, none of whom are on your list. I'd love to know what you decide! Belle

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Thanks already did a search and other than Brookhaven I didn't find anything.
Anyone have any info?

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OMG! I admit to giving up by the time I got to Dura Supreme because I never heard of it before, but obvious others have. But I didn't find anything on Heritage, Hallmark or Dewils. Maybe I'm doing the search wrong.

Thank you! I'll check out these links. Hoping they're fairly current. Brookhaven is used by one of the designers we're considering and always had a good rep, but recently some on this site reported problems.
Thanks again!

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