PebbleTec Scheduled - Woo Hoo!

c9pilotMay 10, 2011

Okay, my PB just told me that I'm on the schedule for Thursday or Friday and I'm in a panic!

I thought I wanted PebbleTec Blue Lagoon, until I went and saw a Blue Lagoon pool and it looked too green for me.

So I switched to PebbleSheen Aqua Blue, because I loved the color of the next pool that I saw.

Turns out, the owner of that pool doesn't like it because he thinks the Sheen feels "gritty". Yuck.

I went to visit my neighbors who have real PebbleTec in some brownish color, and I just love the feel of the big pebbles.

And the PB thinks we'll like it better and he thinks it's really blue.

So we're back to Blue Lagoon.

I just hope I don't hate the color.

I have a panic request to my neighborhood association to see if anybody has Blue Lagoon that I can go look at in the next day or two.


Here is a link that might be useful: My New Blue Pool Blog

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Pull the plug on it! Your PB may hate you for bumping back the schedule, but this is a biggie. For a 15-20 yr product, you dont want to "hope it turns out ok".

I never let my clients move forward without seeing a pool with their selection first.

Make sure you love it.

BTW, most colors in the "sheen" have companion colors in the "tec", so aggregate size shouldnt be an issue if you like the color.

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We went with Blue Lagoon and I have absolutely loved it. My pool has never looked green at all, but in subdued light is is a little dull and a bit grayish. In bright light it is crystal blue and just sparkles. I'll add a link below to another person inquiring about it and I posted some pics of mine. Good luck which ever you decide.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Lagoon

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stonesmama- if my pool turns out like yours, it will be perfect.
It is just so difficult to say how a color is going to look with different sun angles, cages, east or west facing, etc.

Apparently there aren't any Blue Lagoon pools in my neighborhood. But I went to stand in a Tahoe Blue (Tec) and I'm sure I like the feel of the Tec best. It was in a cage and north-facing in the morning and was dark. Just a hint of emerald green in the deep end sun.
Then I walked down the street to a south-facing uncaged Blue Granite (Sheen) pool. Definitely understood that had a grittier feel to it on the feet, but not in a bad way, just different. It was a nice blue color but dark.
The PB just called me and he tried to get me to see a Blue Lagoon pool today but it didn't work out. I'm feeling pretty good about the Blue Lagoon because I'll take the feel over a hint of green.
Apparently our city water will make all the pools look green at first until it all gets filtered through and balanced. It's pretty strong stuff - a lot of people don't drink it or have water softeners - and I have to clean everything with vinegar to keep the crud from building up (bathrooms, showers, coffee maker, etc)
I'll keep you posted!

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There are two guys out on the street mixing the goop in the truck, one guy handling the hose spraying, and six guys trowelling.

The color of the goop is pretty awful, but it's blue! Can't wait to see pebbles....

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Be sure and post a picture. I hope you like it.

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There's a green picture in the "St Pete Pool Done Almost" thread, and a link to my blog that has lots and lots of pictures.
It's blue now!

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