2nd Coat of Stain/Sealant Good Idea or Bad?

drjinxJune 27, 2011


I am getting close to done with cleaning, sanding, and applying stain/sealant to my small deck. I got mostly done with 1 gallon of Cabot's semi-transparent stain/sealant.

I had to buy a 2nd gallon because I didn't have enough from my first gallon to finish staining all the visible interstices between the deck boards. I know, I should have done this first, and a few were done first, but there were more I didn't realize would be so visible. I am doing that as the finish-up work now.

I was wondering if there was any benefit in applying a second coat of the stain/sealant to the deck surface? Or any harm? I am going to have enough stain left over to do so.

Thank you for whatever advice you can give me!

Jean Marie aka drjinx

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I assume you are using an oil based semi-transparent stain. If that is the case Cabot's doesn't recommend putting a second coat on. Any stain that doesn't penetrate the wood can remain on the surface and create a risk of peeling.

Some people have reported success using multicoats of TWP oil based stain, but that manufacturer doesn't recommend it either.


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Marty is correct about what I used and the manufacturer's directions.

However, I ended up putting a 2nd coat on with a brush. I didn't get all of it in one night, and I observed that water beaded up on the part with the 2nd coat but not so well on the part with one coat. So tonight I made sure it all had a 2nd coat. Cross fingers that this works out okay; I think the wood was very dry from several years of neglect, and I hope it soaked it all up.

Jean Marie aka drjinx

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on ipe wood,no second coat.the cabots 9400 will just build up and stay tacky.
i used the new 19459 which is water based and youmay be able to put on second coat but it says only 1 coat.

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We have stained our PT pine porches and deck with Olympic Maximum "penetrating acrylic/oil" semi-transparent stain. In all cases, we applied two coats, brushed on carefully. We did this for the sake of appearance and protection - most of the wood was weathered and it soaked up the first coat like a sponge. In many spots, after only one coat it almost looked as if we had not even applied any stain. I'll also echo the poster who said that water did not bead up on one coat the way it did on two coats.

The fact of the matter is that on both older wood and new, one coat didn't look nice. On the new wood, there was no depth of color, and like I said, on the older wood, the stain looked very flat and faded. We have had zero problems with peeling from two coats - it's holding up well in an area with weather extremes.

I do recommend waiting at least 24 hours in between coats, though.

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