Hope all had a great Thanksgiving-I did!

nana24November 30, 2007

Sure hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Our family had always gotten together for Thanksgiving mostly at my parents home but after they were gone it fell by the way. Five years ago one of my nephews rented a campground for us to all go to. We have a new tradition. This year all my siblings (we are a family of 6 girls) were together. It was really nice. We range in age from 60 to 76. My oldest sister is not in the best of health but we all were able to come and enjoy the day. I made a wall hanging for all to sign-from our oldest-my BIL who will soon be 80 to a great nephew who is 10 months. Of course, his mother had to add his name. We raffled it and a niece who will cherish it got it. (I had bought several raffle tickets myself! Ha)

All the money went to paying for our use of the facility.

We ate too much, played cards and other table games, crafted, sang and mostly the children just played outside.

Making memories.


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Sally, Don't ya love it when y'all can get together? Hopefully, your wallhanging will stay in the family and handed down from generation to generation....along with who is who. Making memories, is right!

We went to DD's in-laws for Thanksgiving. Since DD moved to FL and remarried, that's been our custom....they embraced us and welcomed us into their family (the rest of ours is up north) so we've sort of acquired his siblings and parents as our Florida Family.

I love turkey, and Rose doesn't like for me to bring anything (I guess I've served my time and now it's time to be served), so I roasted a turkey the other day and have been feasting. I made a couple different kinds of soup, have had sandwiches and am still not tired of turkey yet. I put the breast meat in the freezer for later and am using the rest of it. I bought two 23 pounders! @:)


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Sally, that sounds great. I'm glad someone got the quilt that will love it. That sounds like a great tradition.

We went to my mom's where she fed us way too much.


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