November 1-15

rosajoe_gwNovember 1, 2008

Wow, have I been busy!!!!!!!!!!

We had a health fair and DH and I volunteered. It was very windy and I had an ear ache for several days. Much better now, but I didn't feel like doing anything.

My neices little girl has caught a 'bug' so she may be in the hospital for a while to get her stronger before the trip to Ohio.

The first trip will be test for about a week so that will be tiring for her.

My OTHER sis's ex DH and the father of her 2 grown children has had a relapse with his cancer and the doc's have given him only a short time, SO, this afternoon I am going over to help with her church's fall fest for the children. She is a really big hearted person to forget the bad times and help him now, but I think it is the right thing to do for their kids.

The big thing here is the Fl - Ga game in Jacksonville so I am trying to find somehing to 'do' by hand while DH watches the game.

Sounds like everyone else is very busy too!!!!!!!!!!!



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Hi Rosa, As usual, my mind has been somewhere else. Plus, it's very difficult for me to get to GW here at the hospital, so I've by-passed it most days. I just don't have the patience to wait for it to load. Strange since it's wireless, but there must be some kind of security thing going on, too.

I'm sorry to hear about your family's health problems. Jan told me a Japanese saying: A bee comes and stings the face with tears on it. I don't remember the actual Japanese word for it even though I've tried to memorize it, but what a poetic way to say: When it rains, it pours! I'll keep them in prayer.

Since I'm in the waiting room by myself, I'm trying to keep track of both the Notre Dame game and the Florida game. I sure miss my 2 TV's in the living room! lol

My plan is to go back to DD's house Sunday, so I hope to get some sewing in this week. Gotta get with Salijo to get her to see if we can get the sewing machine set up. It looks like I'll be in Indiana til just before Christmas so I need to get some sewing time in.

Take care y'all and hug your loved ones.


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Rosa, I forgot to leave this link when I posted. When I saw this, I, of course, thought of you and the other lucky ones with emb machines. Plus, I knew you were looking for something to do with all your spare time! @:)


Here is a link that might be useful: Free Poinsettia Design

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Sharon the poinsetta is gorgeous!! I am trying to finish up Christmas early, with Thanksgiving being so late our fam party for Christmas is only 3 weeks after Thanksgiving.
This is the same sis that lost her DH last January.
The children and my sis are pretty stressed, of course.
He wants to stay at home and Hospice is coming in, but my niece is not a strong person and she is have a very difficult time.
My OTHER sis's DGD is doing better and I am making her a pocket scarf to wear to Ohio.
I bet you are freezing with the colder weather!!!
The forum has been acting up lately, unless it is just my computer.
A agree it all comes at once.
Hugs and prayers for you and yours too. Hospitals and dentist offices are not fun places to be LOL!!!

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I am waiting for the lunch traffic to slow down, even in a small town LOL, and I am going to mail my package and stop to buy Halloween thingies on sale.
I am going to start on a red and black quilt for DGG. The Connecting Threads had a cute 9 Patch-Twist that she likes so that is what I am doing this afternoon while it rains.
Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's a lovely sunny day here where I am in Indiana. The sun is shining on the golden maple leaves and the gorgeous burning bushes making them appear as fire. I went with DD to get groceries and on our way home we passed some bushes that someone had dug out of their yard and was throwing away. DD went to the house to make sure they didn't want them and no, she didn't want them as they were bigger than she wanted, so we (two short ladies) tugged and pulled til we got the lightest weight one in her van. I tried to keep the root part in a box she had and still pull it into the van (behind the drivers seat cause the back was full of groceries!). So picture this, I'm in the van, she's outside the van and we have this 10' Burning Bush we're trying to cram inside the van. Nope, it doesn't problem...we left the side door open and the driver's door open and she drove home while I sat in the seat behind the passenger seat and held on! It's in the ground, watered and trimmed, now we hope it survives two ladies having the time of their lives and laughing like crazy!

Ok, I got my exercise in today, lol


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Sharon, I would have loved to see you two putting that bush in the van. lol The weather has been beautiful this week. I went to the quilt shop this afternoon and admired the maples and burning bushes as I drove. It is supposed to get cold and rain tonight so I am really enjoying this while it lasts!
Linda OH

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HMMM-fall weather yet. We are having an early glimpse into winter. The western part of South Dakota had 45 inches and we got just a trace. It looks slippery out and windy so I better get moving and take my time to get to work.

I have been doing much better with eating and exercising this week as we have started our Holiday Hogger at work with 5 of us. Trying not to gain over the holidays.

Working on a quilt for a niece and doing a little too much ripping for my happiness-guess I shouldn't take on the phone while arranging my colors.

KOKO everyone. deanna

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I can't believe all that snow!!!! I'm still going out without a coat in northern Indiana!

(love the Holiday Hogger group name!)

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Wow Sharon, where is the TV news van when you need it LOL!!!!
DH dug up a 8 to 10 foot shrub planted too close to the house. When we bought the house we should have moved it then.
I read online that you need to trim it about 1/3 of the orginal size so I did and we water it a lot.
2 weeks later it looks really good.
Niece's lil girl was taken by ambulance to the hospital, after 3 days she is coming home. The baby has the flu so they are trying to keep them apart.
The funeral for my ex-BIL went well. There was so much fighting in his fam. He is the youngest of 7 and all of them were not speaking to him, but they did all come to the funeral.
He was able to make amends with his 2 grown children before he passed, and I think that helped them tremendously to forgive him.
Our trees are turning too and they are beautiful.
We haven't heard from Sally in a while so I hope all is well with her.

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Linda, You probably would have wanted to see us getting it out of the van, digging the hole and trying to get it to stand upright in the hole, too! Oh yeah, we decided we might have been better off if we had trimmed it 'before' lugging it home!

Deanna, Snowstorms in the north and hurricanes in the's crazy. Sounds like you and your fellow HHer's have the right idea for this time of year....just not gain!

Salijo, We sure need a coat today! I have the label made for the wheelchair waiting for some fancy penmanship. I covered the arms with the same flannel I put on the back of the incubator cover and the back of the label. I think it looks nice.

Rosa, I think we did trim it back about 1/3 and watered it good for a couple days. Pretty cold today and may not need it. I think Springtime will tell the outcome. The main root system had been chopped off, but there were/are a lot of fine roots that can take hold. We'll just have to wait and see. Glad to hear your niece's lil girl is able to be home now.

Have a great day, KOKOer's.....


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Hi All,
I did not fall off the face of the earth but I feel a little like I did.
Sharon, that proverb about the bee stinging the face with tears seems to fit. When it rains, it pours. Since Ike and our daughter's house getting hit badly, we have also been dealing with my DH's Mom coming to live with us after she fell getting out of the shower and had to go to the emergancy room. It seemed settled and then she changed her mind and went back home. A real emotional roller coaster ride. I know it has all come out for the best but it has been a ride.
Then our computer has been on the "fritz", still not all fixed but at least I can now read email and go to GW.

Sharon, I have been reading about your GB and you are all in my prayers and will be praying for you all tomorrow.

Rosa, sounds like your life has been as exciting as mine! Hope things are getting better.

The weather has been beautiful here but we need rain which they are promising us for next week. I did get back to my walking last week and plan to try to stay on track this week.

I think we are getting back to some routine with the exception of my DD's house. They are still waiting on the insurance company which doesn't seem to be moving. Her children are in school and they are trying to stay in their routine as much as possible. She is hanging in there and they are in their house but it is a mess. She has it as cleaned as possible but with most of the flooring pulled up and a lot of sheetrock down it is hard. If they were not 4 1/2 hrs away they could stay with us but she is determined to keep them in their school. I'm proud of her attitude!

Made a birthday block today for Jan. Have not been sewing much and just had to do something.

KOKO and have a great week.
Sally aka Nana24

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Well, I cleaned up my sewing area, put away my machine, ironing board with plans to keep that room clean until 09!! Not sure if it will happen or not. I am trying to get some scrapbooking done so that when DD x2 come home for Thanksgiving that all my craft and sewing clutter will be out of their rooms,etc.

Hope that you are all doing well. I went to a gentle yoga class today and it is very gentle and teaching some basics. The ladies are probably between 60 and 70 and they are doing very well with learning new things.

Take care all, koko. deanna

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Well, its time to start thawing the turkey I do believe.
Anyone have anything different on the menu this year? I think we will eat a little later so I can walk and then watch the Macy Day parade in enjoyment!! I actually plan to cook my turkey the night before to make it a little more relaxing. I hate when everyone hovers over while I am waiting to get the pan drippings for gravy.

I saw a cute idea to make little pilgrim hats. You take a fudge striped round cookie, some frosting dyed yellow, a mini reeses peanut butter cup, and a little square piece of something for the buckle. You frost the cookie, place the peanut butter cup in the middle and frost the little buckle on the side. I am going to cut up some red licorice as I had that on hand.Not sure if I will make them in advance or let my niece and nephew make them.

KOKO everyone so you can eat that extra slice of pie and sneak in that extra gravy!!! Deanna

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Hey Ho ?? Anyone lurking anymore? Just wondering how everyone is and hope that you are all well. It is a tough time to KOKO with all the holiday functions and baking projects etc. But what a great time to workoff that stress with some form of exercise. I have a 15 minute walking video which is basically walking in place with a few leg kicks and some side steps. You don't need the video if you set the timer and walk in place during the news or something you are enjoying.

Take care, everyone. I miss hearing about all of you. Deanna


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