11-20 Diet/exercise challenge

grammypNovember 20, 2006

Here it is Monday again. Time for another challenge, as if Thanksgiving wasn't challenge enough. My best advice is ... if it tastes good, spit it out. Not really, but it would work. Lots of vegies, turkey, and little dessert will help.

I have noticed that a lot of us have various challenges in our lives with out trying to watch what we eat. Please don't use this excuse to go overboard and indulge. Trust me, it doesn't help and only makes you feel guilty (even if your weight isn't a problem) and a poor diet will affect your emotional state, even in the short term. I will continue to pray for those who have personal problems and ask that you pray for me and my family. (More on that after this weekend)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I"ll see you monday.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I guess we could take comfort in the fact that alot of the traditional dishes we're probably going to indulge in are somewhat healthy and good for us! Yams and pumpkins are full of beta-carotene; cranberries are one of the powerful anti-oxidant foods; turkey is basically low-fat protein; green bean casserole is - green beans! It's just all the gravy, dressing, whipped topping, etc. that makes it a challenge. Eat what you'd like to celebrate the holiday but eat small portions. I think if we deprive ourselves for too long of the things that we love to eat, then we find ourselves binging and taking a step or two backwards in our progress toward weight loss. Of course Christmas is a whole different challenge - all that sugar!

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I love turkey. In fact, I bought 2 turkey breasts a couple weeks ago when they had them on sale. Baked one right up and feasted....don't really need the fixn's, just the turkey. Seems like pumpkin pie is supposed to go with turkey, but I was good.....it's still in the freezer.

DD2 and her family is here this week from Indiana....that in itself is a challenge. lol Seafood night is tomorrow night. Bacon wrapped shrimp, scallops, Pepper Jack Cheese Crab soup and whatever else the girls come up with. Today we'll probably finish off what's left of the beans and rice I made for lunch yesterday and whatever is in the 5 containers of leftover Chinese from last night. For me? just the rice please....ulcers are making themselves known again.

I remember from my childhood someone saying: "Please pray for me and I'll pray for you the best I know how."

Have a good week everyone........


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Grammy p-
You continue to be a part of my prayers. I hope that this holiday will not be too stressful for you. My DH and DS are just sitting down in a minute to our Thanksgiving feast. With everything going on for us, it just ended up that we would be alone this year but it has been a nonpressured day so it is probably for the best.
My mother continues to sound weak and not like herself on the phone. They will not tell me anything about her situation on the phone. I am headed over tomorrow for a visit.
Take care and thanks for listening,
Kelly - Lots2do

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Kelly I thank you for your prayers. You and your family are in my prayers as well. There have been so many prayer needs on the forum lately we are really being tested. Sometimes a nice quiet dinner at home is just what we need to re-charge and take stock of what is really important to us. I trust your family had a nice family thanksgiving and enjoyed your time together.

Sharon, take care of those ulcers. Avoid milk, eat bland (yuck), and avoid stress (yeah, right). Hope your Thanksgiving went well too.


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Hi all....the family is leaving me alone today.....it's my chill time and away from any noise I don't want to listen to.

Bland on Thankgiving actually wasn't too bad. DD's punkin pie was even a lighter and not as spicy version so I had a very small slice of it. But......I'm falling so far behind in drinking water.......gotta start that up again!

It's time for my nap.........


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Well, I held on over TG. No damage done, trying to do more walking but my ole knee just won't cooperate.

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I hope you had a nice day Sharon. Are the kids going home today or waiting till tomorrow?

Maggie sue, have you tried water aerobics? It is great for folks with knee problems. The water helps hold you up and takes some of the pressure off the knees and hips. I'm proud of you for being good over TG.


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