Water in Footing?

backsweatJune 21, 2012

Sorry a bit off topic, but wondering if anyone has any ideas. I'm planning to install a baskeball system for my son and the plans call for a 16" x 48" deep hole (to be filled with concrete). I've only dug about 28" and water is starting to fill the bottom of the hole (about 2-3 inches). I'm in the midwest and we haven't had much rain lately, so I'm shocked to see water at such a high level.

I had JULIE mark, so there's no water lines in the immediate area. I do have an incround sprinkling system but it hasnt been run enough to justify the water I'm seeing at a depth of 28". There is a pine tree about 6 feet away (say 15+ footer) and the soil is really kind of wierd just below the clay--like woodchip like. Can this be from the roots of the tree? (wouldn't think so?) there's also a sewar about 15 feet away...could that be leaking?

Don't really want to get the city involved, but would like to understand why the water at such a shallow depth.

Any ideas?

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