concrete issues on sidewalk and stoop

davesaJune 14, 2010

My house was built in 1993, it has concrete stairs that lead to a short sidewalk to a stoop that provides access to front door, the foundation of stoop is brick. There seems to be some possibly serious deterioration that concerns me. The brick has become very brittle in spots, (if you touch it it crumbles apart in hand and the side walk has some issues, which I fear can result in a complete broke sidewalk or possible personal injury. In the middle of the sidewalk it is like all the earth eroded away so there is nothing supporting it, just open air underneath, and besides the brick being brittle it is bubbling out in spots, pics are attached, any help would be much appreciated. basically I just want to know if its fine and I should leave it alone, or can I repair it, or does the whole thing need replaced. Biggest concern is personal injury if sidewalk collapses or when I go to sell house in the future it looks bad. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Your problem appears to be caused by settling under the stoop and walk. Unfortunately, that is common in new builds because the concrete is poured before the backfill has settled. And, the concrete may have had too much water in the mix causing its strength to be compromised. Most likely the deterioration of the brick is a by-product of the above caused by water seeping through the concrete.

Have any neighbors had similar problems? What do you do? I would check with a good mud jacking company and I would also speak with a quality mason. See what suggestions they offer. Replacing the sidewalk isn't a big deal but the stoop should be looked at for a solution, not just a cosmetic repair.

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neighbors steps, sidewalks and stoops all look fine all look fine

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I'm sorry yours is the only one exhibiting the problems. If they were happening to adjacent homes, someone may have already worked a solution.

I still believe your backfill was not settled and/or the concrete was too wet. You will need an expert to actually examine your property. Let me know their advise.

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