A Quick (for me) Verbal Response

glassquiltOctober 25, 2006

IÂm so proud of myself  I was able to think on my feet verbally. Things to say usually come to me hours too late.

Today I went grocery shopping - tried to get enough for a couple of weeks or more. I had the cart packed and piled up  the bagger used two carts for the bagged stuff. ThatÂs how much I had. Why am I telling you this? When DH & I got to the check-out there were only two cashiers  express & regular. Regular had a line. Express was empty. I got in the line and was ready to open my book. IÂm always ready to stand in line and read. Well, the checker from express was told to take us. We were told to go to her line. So we did.

I started unloading and unloading and unloading. All of a sudden I hear a voice - a very, very put-out, indignant, self-righteous voice. "You have some nerve! This line is for 15 or less!" I was able to answer her. "We were told to come here. I was in the other line and they told me to come here." And then I stopped unloading and just stared right back at her. DH turned and told her to talk to the Âboss pointing to the office.

Did she think that the cashier would have allowed me to start unloading? IÂve been politely waved off by the express checkers. I can understand her being upset. I know I would have been had I been behind me. I also know that with 15 items or less, if IÂm in a hurry I go to the self checkout lanes. She could have done that instead of standing there letting her blood pressure build up.

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Good for you. I never think of the right thing to say either. I like the self checkouts myself. Not many people like to use them and there is seldom a line.


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Good for you for standing up to a person like that! They just don't need to be rude! What an unhappy life that person must lead to be that snotty!

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I can understand her being upset. I know I would have been had I been behind me.

These words taken from your post. Remember this next time you may have to wait. Why is it everything is a race to see who gets thru the fastest?

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There have been times we've been told to use the fast lane even though we had more items. I've felt uncomfortable doing it, but did so because they said to. Still, there's no reason for people to be rude.

I don't mind standing in line at the store. I keep reminding my DH we are retired so there's no hurry to be anywhere and it doesn't matter what time we get home....as long as it's before dark. However, I do hate to wait more than 15-20 minutes to be seated at a restaurant. Feed me and feed me now! lol


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My opinion of rude, thoughtless people, is that they ARE basically unhappy, and need to take it out on others. I probably would be a little unhappy if I were the person behind you, but I would have said nothing - I'm a very patient person. Would have been nice if the checker could have spoken up on your behalf too.

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Good for you!
This story reminds me though of the thread we had in the forum about people cutting in line and many of us were saying "Next time I'll have the nerve to say something!"

Hope she wasn't someone from the forum, HA HA!!!

But seriously, good for you. I too usually think of the retort hours or days later. But when you know you're right, you know you're right!

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Wow, Glass, are there actually checkers in your area who make people follow the express rules? Nobody around here does...you always find people with carts full in the 15 or fewer lanes. It's really aggravating!

But I also say, good for you speaking up! Lots of times I wish I had the nerve to speak up.


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