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Sprstr13May 3, 2011

Hello everyone. I recently came across this forum. What a wealth of information!

After several years of discussing building a pool, we have finally decided now is the time.

We live in the Tampa, FL and have just started the process of getting some estimates from several of the local PBs.

Has anyone had any experience they would be willing to share with any of the following companies?

-Freestyle Pools

-Tampa Bay Pools

-Custom Pools and Remodeling

Also, any additional recommendations for quality companies to look into would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I got quotes from Curtis, Gulfstream, Landmark, and Sekas Custom Pools and pretty much would've felt comfortable with any of them.

I got mostly positive but one negative comment from others about Curtis, the most recent being positive. They use Intellibrite line of products vice Hayward, and don't do Pebbletec, so that's something to consider. All workers are company employees, no sub-contractors, a big plus.

Landmark was the most expensive, can't remember much about these guys because they came into my bidding process late wheI decided I wanted a fourth bid and some other companies backed out.

Gulfstream would've been our second choice. They have sample pools up in Oldsmar so I was able to see their work and choices in the showroom.

We went with Sekas because he's a smaller local contractor (not the lowest bid, but they were all within 5%, not a big range) . The mason he uses had done some work on our house and we knew several people who had his pools and went to visit them. We're not done, but the only problem we've had so far is an issue with the plumbing subs that I'm sure will never happen again or they'll be fired. Our build is technically difficult and we're doing some other wacky stuff like putting in a large cistern to collect rainwater, so we like the flexibility of working with a smaller guy because we've made changes and had challenges along the way.

The only company that I've heard numerous bad comments on and zero recommendations is Posh Pools, so I didn't even call them.
Suncoast and Costanza (found them at home show at the Trop) both came out and took surveys and did the whole interview thing but backed out and said they couldn't do it or just never came back to me with a quote.
I had gotten quotes a couple of years ago before we were completely decided on he pool thing, and I found Pools by George to be an overwhelming sales pitch, obnoxious. Goff comes highly recommended in my neighborhood and has done several pools in here, but he totally didn't get what I told him and designed me a pool that didn't meet my wants at all. Precision Pools did the whole interview, measuring, survey thing and I could never get a quote from them.

Every appointment I had, I learned more and more, and refined the pool design and choices. So I often went back to the PB's to clarify and tweak the quotes. I asked for a breakdown of the packages so that I could pick and choose, and compare the quotes more accurately (I did the whole geeky spreadsheet thing with costs line by line).

I'm blogging much of this but you'll have to find the link off my "New Pool in St Pete" thread. It might give you things to think about, like I did (i.e. shotcrete vs gunite) which does affect your quotes.

Good luck!

Gulf stream was our second

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I wanted to add (but my iPad wouldn't let me) that besides being obnoxious, George didn't give me a real quote. He just gave me this sales pitch standard pricing thing that was roughly 1/2 the other quotes and I knew it was just wrong.

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Thanks so much c9pilot. Your recs were extremely helpful. Hopefully we'll be making a decision in the next two weeks. Wish me luck!

I had no idea this initial sales process would be so time intensive. But I'm more than willing to put in the extra time now if helps reduce problems down the line. I've been somewhat surprised by the lack of professionalism of some of the companies I've contacted. One never even returned my initial call, another has consistantly been late in getting back with me, and so on. I would have thought that in a purchase this size at the very least the sales people would be conscientious.

I hear you on the spreadsheet thing ;) I did the same thing so I could see things in a way I felt I was actually comparing apples to apples.

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We just signed a contract with Tri-County Pools. We got estimates from Gulfstream, Aquascape and Tri county but Tri county seemed to blow us away with their knowledge and effort. They thoroughly explained things and the differences between products and why or why not it would be good for us. They are A+ with BBB and Angie's list and alot of out neighbors have used them and never had a problem. They are the pool builders for MI homes and David weekly. They actually came in with lower quotes than the others with more options and better materials. I was very impressed with their sales manager Craig. Gulfstream was terrible and didnt listen to anything we were telling him. Aquascape was good but about $3000 higher with lesser materials (quartz finish/pavers) versus (pebbletec/travertine.

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i wish i used them, many happy pool owners in my neighborhood rave about his work.

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Hey C9Pilot. Posh does not even build new pools you should educate yourself before you bash a company. Geez.

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Hey Joseph,
I asked about recommended PBs.
I had people tell me their pools were built by Posh and they did not recommend them, so that's what I went on. These were people in my neighborhood, because I was looking for a PB familiar with seawall construction, not a random sampling.
Because of the poor recommendations, I did no further research. Since that time, I've heard even more unsolicited negative comments, and I've seen their ads, but I didn't look closely at them because they were not in consideration.

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