October 1-15

deannabsdOctober 1, 2008

Good evening,

I hope it is ok to start this post. I looked through the last half of September and boy some members of our little group have had some really rough times. Heres to the hope and prayers that October will start out better in so many ways with health and weather and all the other elements that we do not have control over. Hoping that we can all use exercise to beat the stress caused by our issues.

KOKO Deanna

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I have got to find some time for exercise. I know I would feel better if I did. Perhaps they will hire someone soon and I can get back to my normal schedule.


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Deanna, Thank you for starting this thread. If any of you see I'm not keeping up, please feel free to start it. It never even entered my mind.

I think I'll get out my walking stick today and take a stroll down as far as the pond. I can't think much further than that right now. Trying to stay busy at the sewing machine and wrap up the Christmas tablerunners as much as I can. I'm almost finished with a little preemie quilt.


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I agree Deanna, September was a rough month.
My cousin is still in the hospital but she us doing better.
They are still running tests and so far have not found anything unusual. I'll take that as good news!!
Fasten your selt belts everyone and we will make it thru this roller coaster ride!!
Have a blessed day,

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I have been soooooooooo busy, and I can see that everyone else is too.
My cousin had a bypass (forgive my spelling if it is wrong!!!) and she is home recovering.
My sis is visiting from CA and we are having a small fam reunion next Sunday so that is keeping me busy.
The weather has been beautiful and we finally lost the lovebugs.
I had to hose off the front walk everyday to keep the frogs from leaving HUGE droppings while they were stalking the bugs.
My son was layed off, rehired, layed off again, went to work for a new company and layed off again. Lousy Year!!
He is now working 2 part time jobs. At least he is able to find work!!!!!
I think our economy has reached the bottom and will start the climb back up!!!!!!
Try to stay positive my friends in these difficult times.

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We made it through DD's wedding and brought their dog home while they are on their honeymoon. We will keep her next week too. The wedding was wonderful and DD said it was exactly what she had dreamed about her whole life.
The bad news is that my uncle passed on today. His wife, my dad's youngest sister, passed away in August. His kidneys had shut down and dialysis was not working. They brought him home from the VA hospital in Ann Arbor, MI yesterday.
Linda OH

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Linda, Glad the wedding was everything your daughter dreamed about! That had to make you feel good. Did you get her quilt finished? Or will that be for the 1st anniversary? - Sorry about your uncle...hugs for the family.

I agree with you, Rosa - at least your son has a job and he's ambitious enough to work 2 part-time jobs! I don't think there aren't many today that would do that. Hopefully, your cousin will continue to recover and do well. Nice you can visit with your CA sister. Your family has more family reunions that anybody I know....good for you!!! I think it's a good thing for families to stay in touch and connected. The love bugs haven't made it down here yet and they don't really have to! I hate those things, but it looks like I, personally, will be missing them this year anyway.

I'm packing my bags and have a flight planned to Indiana on the 13th. No return flight scheduled so you know what that means. I might wait at least until DH has the living room ceiling and walls done!! Isn't it amazing how I just 'happen' to not be here when he does repairs. Almost like it was planned. He worked in construction under my grampa's tutelage so was taught tricks on how to work by yourself for a 2 man job. (But we won't say anything about the broken bedroom window when he was putting up the roof for the laundry room on the back of the house) I'm trying to put some hand sewing projects together but only have 5 more of the Sunbonnet Suebelle's to do so I'm looking for something else. I might just have to buy a kit or something cause I'm not thinking too clearly right now. If I don't get the 2 tablerunners done that I'm working on, I'll take those and finish them on the machine at Salijo's.

We plan to go to DGD's band competition today. It's an all day thing, but we won't be staying that long.

Hmmm, looks like I'm a bit chatty today. Y'all have a great week-end and do whatever you have to do to KOKO.


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Sharon, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you flight is uneventful. I know your family will be glad to have you with them. And yes, it sounds like a great time for a trip!

My DH is with our DD & family this weekend to help rebuild the fence around the back yard. The dogs will be happy to get their yard back. They did get their roof but beyond that they are just waiting. I am at home since DH's Mom is now with us and she isn't a very good traveler but there would be no place when we got there. She is not good with change but at 84 it is OK. Of course my heart is with DH and family there but we do what we have to do.

Rosa, It is hard to see our children struggle but he is obviously determined worker. Hope things get more stable for him very soon.

On a quilting note, I put a fleece backing on a top I put together using the disappearing nine patch. I will try to photo it soon, but it is pretty straight forward. I have also pulled out some blocks I had made that have become UFO's. One set is from a BOM in 2004--ouch! and the other are blocks made when I first got my embroidery machine and was playing with it. The center of each block is embroidered with the same flowers but different colors and on different white on white material. Maybe I will work on those. I am making an effort to work on things I have, rather than go get more. Not to much fun though! :( It does feel good to get things done I started long ago.

Hope everyone is hanging in there. KOKO

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Sally, Isn't it great to have family and friends that comes to our aid in times of emergency. Hopefully, your daughter has more done on their house by now and the dogs have their fenced in yard so they're back home. @:)

I also try to use what fabric I have (cause I always load up in the summer at my fav quilt store in Indiana), unless I need something special for a commissioned quilt. I've run out of Kona blue, so am taking a swatch with me to get more if I get the chance to go to Calico Point.

I think I'll take all the Aunt Sharon's BHH projects with me. I left a few things at DD's, but if I find I don't have enough room for everything in my suitcase, I'll look through DD's closet or go to a thrift store. @:)

KOKO .... Sharon

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My niece's husband is an only child from a small fam. He tells her our fam looks for any reason to get together!!!
My father passed when I was 21 and we all consider my stepfather as dad.
He always help my grandmother on my father's side any time she needed it.
The Easter reunion includes my father's side and gets pretty big. This one is going to be smaller LOL!!!
I have been cleaning my sewing room. I took everything out and cleaned the carpet. WHAT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!
Linda it is so exciting that your daughter had her dream wedding!!
Sally you are so busy I don't know how you find time to quilt. I am looking forward to the pics.
I think there are going to be big sales coming up and I really don't need to buy more fabric, but I am sure I will.
Have a safe trip Sharon, take clothes that are easy to wash and wear, save the space for more material LOL!!!

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I made a bottle apron with a verse from Psalms on it for my cousin recouping from the bypass.
My niece has a D-George baby that lived because an angel was thoughtful enough to donate her organs before she was born.
How sad that our baby lived because of the other fam's loss.
My niece just called me and they have finally been approved for a second much need surgery (waiting 2&1/2 yrs)
so they are traveling to OH from GA for the surgery.
Of course, they are relieved but stressed.
I have decided to make them a Bible quilt to take along.
The rain has stopped and the sun is out so my excuse for not cleaning is over LOL!!!
Bless everyone, you are all in my prayers.

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Good morning,
A cool fall has set in South Dakota. We had to pick all the tomatoes as there was a chance of frost...brr. And all this darkness is already bugging me. I walked outdoors all winter last year and now I am thinking it is too cool and we haven't even hit winter...

I have two birthday blocks cut out and ready to work on this evening. What are the rest of you working on?


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Hello all, Sorry for abandoning you. Since I've been back at DD's from the hospital, just about all I've done is, nothing! Took over a 2 hour nap today...felt kind of good, actually. I'm repacked for next week and plan to do laundry tomorrow. A surprise baby shower is being planned for Saturday by Julie's Bible Study group so figure I'll stay a few days. They're going to call the hospital and see if there isn't a spare room they can decorate for her.

Rosa, Hope things are going well with your family.

Deanna, I remember the days of getting the last of the veggies out of the garden, making veggie soup and freezing the last of the tomatoes cause we were tired of them. You've probably gotten back out and walked in the cool of the morning by now like you did last year. @:)


Here is a link that might be useful: Fabric Basket

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Sharon, a baby shower sounds like a nice pick-me-up for everyone. Take lots of pics for us.

Thanks for the like. Those would make cute gift baskets.


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Hello all,
Thinking of all of you and hoping that you are able to KOKO at least once in a while.

We have had rain the last two days and snow forcast for tomorrow. I wanted to get some scrapbooking done tonight (have to clean off the spare bed as DD is coming home!!) so didn't walk at the gym or outside-so will march in place for 25 minutes here in a few minutes. ugh--it is getting late. We did not get the potatoes dug as it has been muddy and now it will be much worse...hopefully soon.

Take care all. Deanna

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Never ends does it Deanna. My parents finished digging potatoes last week. Nothing left in the ground but some turnips and onions now.

I gotta get started on my scrapbooks for Christmas, I am usually well into it by now.

Well, time to leave for our continuing education class. Get to sit in a class from 7-4:30, great fun.


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Deanna, Dad would always leave some carrots and onions in the ground thru the winter....sure tasted good in the Spring. Do you leave turnips in thru the winter, too?

Beverly, Too bad you can't sneak some applique or something into class, but I suppose you should be paying attention to what they're saying, yes?

I've been getting more exercise...going up and down stairs (taking more ibuprophen, too) here at DD's and walking more when at the hospital.

I sewed (by hand) the backing onto a count-down-to-Christmas calendar I've been working on for years. The whole thing is a little wonky but the little ones won't care. It's going to my 3 great-grands house when I get it completed. Another UFO I needed to get done and out of the house.

Have a great day everyone and KOKO.....


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Class wasn't too bad. Mostly updates on new meds, Joint Commission Certification, and a presentation from the State Troopers on methamphetamine and crystal meth (complete with gruesome pictures of users and labs that went catastrophically wrong). They provided a nice breakfast, lots of coffee, great lunch and lots of vendors with give aways. Beginning in January the drug companies can no longer give away pens, scratch pads, bags or any other goodies. Seems complaints were filed that they influenced prescribing too much. Oh well, I did learn some things today and got 6 hours of continuing education so that is what it was all about.

Gotta get some sleep, another early day tomorrow. Have a good evening all.


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Happy Halloween everyone.

Hope that you are doing well and that at least in my part of the country we have daylight savings time bringing us earlier darkness :( ughhhhh. So, we have to energize earlier in the day and make sure you get in some time in the sunshine when you have a chance. We all need that great vitamin from the sun.

Stay away from those cute little fun size snickers. I saw an article which listed an exercise to do for each little trick or treater that comes to your door. For instance if you had a ghost you did 5 jumping jacks and had to get them in before the doorbell rang next...

KOKO and we are off to November tomorrow with new plans to cut the fat!! Deanna

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