Glassquilt's Jaw for Those Who Haven't Heard the Story

glassquiltOctober 22, 2006

IÂm waiting for surgery to be scheduled to have my left joint replaced.

I have known for almost 20 years that my bite, when IÂm standing, is not the same as when IÂm lying down. Found that out when I got my first crown. I never thought anything of it  had no idea it wasnÂt normal.

For the past 2 years my bit has been changing. My teeth no longer touch on my right side. My dentist couldn't do anything and sent me to someone who sent me to Loyola. They took a wrap-around X-ray. On the X-ray I could see that my left jaw joint is no longer a ball & socket. It looks like a mushroom or an anvil - the bottom is flat on top. Dr S, at Loyola, told me that was from a traumatic injury sometime ago. For years the two parts have been rubbing against each other and wore away. My left side is now 1cm shorter that the right.

I don't know when I suffered the whatever. I have a vague memory of something happening before I was in school but since both of my parents are gone I'll never know. I have been able to hear a grinding noise in my jaw; that is [i]now[/i] I know it's a grinding noise.

Jan 4,Â06 I had the CT scan done. In order to keep my jaw in place it was wired shut. That was an experience. IÂll bet the subordinate doctor used a dozen shots of Novocain. My face was so numb I had trouble talking to ask directions as I walked from the oral health building to the building with the CT equipment. After the scan another doctor cut the wires the kept my jaws immobile but left the wires wrapped around the teeth in place for future use during the surgery.

The surgery was first scheduled for Feb 28th. It was postponed till April and then put on an indefinite hold because my insurance company felt it wasnÂt necessary at this time. So there where phone calls back & forth between the insurance company & the surgeonÂs office. I saw Dr S July 31st because he was concerned about the wires in my mouth. While I was there, I found out that a copy of the CT scan had never been sent to the insurance company. Bureaucratic mess up between the two staffs apparently. I went to the records department myself, got a copy and hand carried it to my insurance companies office.

Finally I got pre-determination in August. An interesting aside: the women I was talking to at the insurance company told me they were sending the CT downtown for a doctor to look at it. Does that mean the first refusals were made by someone other than a doctor?

In early September I found an online TMJ support group so I now have people to ask questions of  many of whom have also had surgery. My surgery will be on Halloween Day. In theory IÂm supposed come home the day after. IÂll be on a liquid diet and then food with a soft texture. Mashed potatoes thorough a straw. Pudding. Finely chopped anything (read blender/food processor on counter). Yummy, yummy

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glassquilt, hope your surgery goes well and that you have a quick recovery! mmmmm. blender food. maybe it'll be better than it sounds. . . .

As for the first refusals: most likely it was someone other than a doctor. At least, that's been my previous experience. They refuse, hoping the issue goes away. That's why we have to try, try and try again with them!

Good luck next week.


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Glassquilt, with the surgery happening on Halloween, does that mean you'll be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner or will you have to wait until Christmas?

You are in my prayers. I will be out of State and no where near a computer Halloween and a couple days after, but please post and let us know how you are as you can.


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Don't know about eating all the dishes at Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to the dressing and pumpkin pie, jello all the soft stuff. I've already told my DS#1 & DIL that I may not be up to cooking it. I hope she'll offer to do it.

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Glassquilt - I was just thinking about your upcoming surgery and then saw your post here. I know it's going to go just fine, and that you'll have a smooth and speedy recovery. To get you through the rough spots, here's some soup that I've discovered recently. It's definately a notch above the canned stuff, and perfectly compatible with a straw. They've got lots of different kinds - I love the butternut squash and the creamy tomato. I've put the link below, it's got a store locator feature on it. Out here in No.CA, they have them at Whole Foods, which is a large natural food store chain.

Here is a link that might be useful: Imagine Organic Soup

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Thanks for the link.

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glassquilt....I was wondering if you would have to drink your Thanksgiving dinner thru a straw this year, but see that you might be up to soft stuff by then. I'm hoping everything will go smoothly for you and will keep you in my prayers.


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