Decking Newbie Questions: Planning

cracklinoatbranJune 9, 2013

We are replacing an inherited, rotten PT deck with a PT frame, cedar decking deck. A few details:

- 20x16', 5' elevation. PT framing/rails.

- 45 degree diagonal cedar deck boards, picture framed.

- bay window is an outcropping that hangs over the deck. The framing will attach to a flat wall.

1. We found a heat exhaust outcropping along/notched into the ledger board after tearing the deck down. Is this a problem? Do we need to build the framing above/below this? Re-route the exhaust vent?

2. Deck boards: 2x6 or 5/4 cedar? I have read conflicting reports on which will warp sooner. Also, are all 2x6 cedar deck boards fairly square and unrounded like their 5/4 counterparts?

3. What is your experience with concrete drying time? We've read it will take 4-7 days to set and need to have it done before my father comes to visit to help us do the construction.

4. Undermounting - we are looking for a simple installation that preserves the surface of the deck. We are intrigued by the CAMO deck system, which basically gives you a tool to drill into the sides of the board instead of the top.

Any other recommendations from your experience?

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1. Is that a dryer vent? I don't know that I'd want most dryer air being directed at the underside of my deck. I vote for re-routing.
2. No experience with cedar decking.
3. We poured concrete on Monday, put the posts (on post anchors) and beams Tuesday, joist framing Wednesday, decking for the next 3 weeks.... You're not going to be putting heavy loads on the concrete right off, so I wouldn't worry about framing right away.
4. You won't find anyone here that will recommend any hidden fastener method. Face-screwing is the most secure method. Plug the holes if you don't want to see the screws (what we did; painstaking but looks great).

Other: use 6x6 posts. That's current code. Feel free to post your plans here, and photos as you go along. We'll all jump in and tell you what you're doing wrong. :-)

Good luck!

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I noticed by your screenshots that you're using some sort of design software? You might have some better luck checking out better deck design programs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deck Design Programs

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What deck design program are you using?

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