Suellen Resurfacing

suellen_delawaresOctober 21, 2008

HI, I had no idea that the ranch would take up so much of my time this summer. The kitchen remodel didn't help. It's done and it is beautiful!! Sam dogs health problem was very unexpected and the decision to have the surgery done that made him blind came on suddenly. He is doing fantastic. My husband and I took turns taking him to some dog training classes. He has been to dog training before but not blind. It was more of a social with other dogs. He had a blast. I wish I could adapt and except things as quickly as he did. I fell very behind in my birthday blocks. I know not to sign up for the birthday exchange for 2009 the ranch is just too hectic and unpredictable during the summer. Next year we are breeding 5 of our goats. We could end up with anywhere between 5 and 11 baby goats! Then at some point we would have 5 goats to milk. We do have a milking machine! Thats a blessing. So things are moving on and slowing down for the winter I will have more time to quilt and post.


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Never a dull moment is there. It is amazing how fast animals can adapt. You are right, we should do so well. It is good to have you back, I have missed you.


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Welcome back, Suellen. Is your machine set up and ready to go? It's amazing what you can get done in a few minutes every day. Maybe we should start a thread on exactly what we did in a 15 minute sewing jag. @:)


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I had 15 minutes before I had to go to work this morning. I sewed up a stack of HSTs that I needed for a quilt I am making for my DDIL.
I finished 4 blocks this afternoon.
Linda OH

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Sharon that would mean I would have to be organized LOL!!
Linda you are making me look bad, and I am retired LOL!!
Welcome back Suellen, my 2 DGD's would love to live with you.
I am sewing on the binding of a lap quilt tonight, the temo is supposed to drop to the hi 30's so I fell like quilting.

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