A Layered Dacha in CA

chijimApril 8, 2013
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And here I thought narrow exterior shutters were passe'. I think this house proves they're not.

What a gorgeous house, both inside and out! I guess I can't paint my brick black? lol

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I love this sort of European lodge look, especially during the holidays.

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I couldn't live in it for five minutes, but I love looking at it, and would love to be a weekend guest at Christmas!

And, Oakley, why the heck not! There's a town house in our neighborhood that is black-painted brick with white trim, and it looks wonderful.

(I'd post a picture, but I don't think it's right to post pictures of a neighbor's house on line.)

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Wow, how very nicely done.

That house could have been hideous in less talented hands. It's rare to see such well executed work in a fairly homely humble house. It must be the designer's own home. O/w anyone spending that much on decor would have a nicer tabla rosa to start with.

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