Returns and drains

lexi0088May 4, 2011

So we have taken on the whole "self building" project of a pool and spa with the help of my brother-in-law (landscape architect). Our gunite is poured and equipment is in and all looks well, now we have to start thinking about the little things. I need to know what type of returns to buy. We have 7 returns in the pool, including 1 for the beach entry (center). We also have 2 "water feature" slots on the beach entry that are not on a seperate pump, these are intended to squirt up a little bit of water for the kiddos. Oh, and we have a spa with 6 or 7 jets. Our piping is 2". What do I need to buy or even begin looking for and where? All of my pool equipment was purchased at Also, I would love recommendations on drains as well

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This should have been determined before you shot the pool.

Why is where you got your equipment relevant? As far as I am concerned, they are spammers and I would never, ever, give them the time of day.


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Oh my, you caught me off guard by your response. I have been searching this site for the last few months and was very impressed by the friendliness and great answers. Before the pool was shot, my brother in law planned out where all the returns would go, but he was unsure as to part numbers we needed to buy. The reason I mentioned where we bought our equipment was because maybe someone could tell me if this place had them, or if we could go to a local supply store and pick them up. I never even mentioned whether we had a good or bad experience with pool supply world either, my post was asking specific questions about equipment. Am I on the wrong blog, or is there someone else out there that can give me genuine advance?

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PSW earned their rep. It wouldn't be the first time the tried to go around the rules. It is not meant as a personal affront against you.

For the 2" pipe pool returns, I think Waterway Plastics' 215-9890 (white), 9891 (black), 9897 (gray), 9899DKG (dark gray) will bring the pipe end to 1.5" FPT so regular threaded pool returns will fit.

For the spa jets, what bodies were installed?

For the drain covers, what drain pots, if any?


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