WhisperFlow Turns On But Will Not Rotate

ncrealestateguyMay 3, 2012

I have a 3 year old 3hp Whisper flow pump. Has always worked just fine. As of yesterday, when I go to turn it on, it hums for about 4 seconds and then will kick the breaker. It is getting juice, but not rotating. As if something is stuck in the inpellor, which I find hard to believe.

Any suggestions?

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nc....it sounds like a bad start cap...

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TR, how do I troubleshoot that? I would assume a capacitor is not too expensive of a fix...

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There should be a cover on the side or top of the motor...remove the cover and you should see the start/run cap. Record the voltage and capacitance value (mfd) and go to your local pool supply shop to buy a replacement.

I haven't had to replace our pool pump capacitors yet, but this is how it's done in HVAC equipment.

The capacitor should be no more than $30.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks much TR. I will check it out this weekend.

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On the very back of the motor there is a cap that covers the shaft of the motor remove it and turn the shaft with a wrench with the breaker off. If the shaft turn freely then remove the cover for the capacitor and replace it.

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