All's quiet here on the forum!

lots2doOctober 29, 2006


is it the time change? I have a ton to do today so got on the forum to read up and stall for a bit. But it is so quiet on both of our sections!

The wind is howling here today. It's supposed to get up to 50 miles per hour. I am watching the leaves dance across the road.

I hope everybody is busy and contented. I will check in here again later when I need a break!

:) Kelly

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I know the feeling Kelly. I was hoping for a distraction yesterday and there weren't many. I guess everyone is busy getting ready for halloween and woking on Christmas presents. I really should be too. I did get my machine back from its service vacation and tried it out on a birthday block last night. It hums like a new one again, they can clean it so much better than I can.

I guess your wind will get here in a few days. We had a cold front come thru Thursday and now we have another 100 pounds of pine straw to rake up. We did get about 2 inches of rain Thurs/Fri and are really gratefull for it, but we could use another 12 inches over the next month.

Gotta run get ready for church. Have a wonderful day.


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Our Halloween Party last night was such a hoot!! We're in 3 (!) car clubs and this one is by far the most fun. A group of members decided to be the characters from "Gilligan's Island" - The Professor, MaryAnn, Ginger, The Skipper, Gilligan, Mr. and Mrs. Howell -- and -- the one couple were a scream - wife was Mr. Howell, and husband was Lovey! Complete with dress, big purple hat, purse, wig and (ahem.. - boobs). We howled when they came in - told him/her makeup was needed - where was his lipstick - and "Mr. Howell" told him it was in his purse!
I really need to get a costume together for next year - after all, I think I can sew up something!
Today, it's supposed to be really nice - one of the last sunny, warm days of the season, and we hope to get some things done around the yard.

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Grammy P- My sympathies are with you with the raking and hauling. My DH needs to rake at the family cottage next weekend. Wet leaves and wet pine needles are no fun. (I get out of it). Glad that you have your machine back. It's no fun when they are out of business!

Scraphappy-so glad that you had a fun time at the party. Any ideas for the costume you'll make for next year?

My break is over...back to work!

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Any costume I come up with has got to be roomy! The potlucks at these get-togethers are awesome!

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