WedEdge Satin Matrix Colors

JimLoMay 20, 2012

Our pool is being re-plastered in about a week, and we are in the process of finalizing choices of color. We have decided to use the WetEdge Satin Matrix product after doing much research. I am very impressed with what I have read and the videos I have watched. Considering the color of our coping (terracotta/orange brick) and new tile (blue), we are considering White Diamonds, Smokey Grey, or Northern Caribbean. I feel like these colors provide a nice contrast and blend well without being too dark. If you have any comments, pictures, or suggestions about the product, please let us know! We are also considering converting from chlorine to salt. That would not take place for another month or so. We are also planning on switching our spa and pool lights to the Haywood LED lights. Any comments regarding any of these decisions are welcome. Thanks!

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Do you have Hayward lights in there now? If you do, great, the Color Logics will serve you well. If you have Pentair lights, use Intellibrite lights.

Basically, what I am suggesting is that the existing niche, in order to maintain UL ratings, are safest when matched by manufacturer. Some fixtures will fit others niches but haven't been officially tested and could be a liability at some point.


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I appreciate your response, but I don't know what kind of lights I have (the pool came with the house). When the pool is drained and the work begins, I will confirm the manufacturer and take your comments into account. Thanks.

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