so i applied for a 4 year college today

ironkitOctober 12, 2006

for something that I never thought I'd do: engineering.

My brother guilted me (and threatened me) into going to this engineering club meeting at school, since we go to the same college and he's president of this engineering club. I talked to a lot of people, and made a few new friends.

And realized that I don't want to do something that's going to be difficult to get a job that I enjoy doing.

I've a plan, and it unfortunately involves me continuing at my current 2-year college for a... fourth year... taking some engineering classes, but it also involves me going to a 4-year college for classes I can't take at my 2-year.

I'm excited and nervous, and wanted to share with you ladies who mean so much to me.

~ Kit

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yeah Kit! congrats on your decision!
You really will enjoy your choice I feel!
I'm glad you came to a decision, really. I know this was bothering you....
how'd we do on that test Monday???
"Auntie Lisa"

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Congratulations Kit!
What kind of engineering do you want to pursue? I work in the petroleum industry with several engineers; we have mostly Chemical and Mechanical, with some Electrical and a few Civil and Environmental Engineers thrown in.

My Nephew-to-be is currently in his last year at Cal-Poly studying Environmental Engineering, and has just finished a summer internship with a firm that treats waste water/effluent. When he gets his degree next year, he hopes there will be a job offer waiting for him, and he's very excited about the prospect.

Whatever form of engineering you pursue, there's no shortage of folks who will be interested in talking to you when your'e finished with school, as the demand for new engineers is great, especially now that we've started the "Great Baby Boomer Retirement" migration. There's great mobility carreer wise for engineers in many different fields. Our own CEO is an engineer.

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Congratulations Kit, I do hope you enjoy it. I can tell you from experience finding something you enjoy is very important. I was a Jr in economics when (much to my parents dismay) I decided I couldn't do that the rest of my life and changed to pharmacy (and a 5 year program). But I made it and you can to.


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Wow Kit. That's great. I'm sure you will do well in the program. I assume that you are pretty good at math and science.

Just a word though about bio-medical engineering. I've heard that in order to move ahead in that field, you need to have a Master's or preferably a Ph.D. That isn't true about other types of engineering however.

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It's nice to have that decision behind you. The best of everything you need until you're done with your studies.

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I am so glad you have made your decision and have that part off your mind, go for it! Just remember it is not a race to finish! You can do it at your own pace! Have fun and use your time management skills! Remember that includes sleep!

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Lisa - Turns out the test was actually on Tuesday, so I came all prepared to class on Monday. I got a B, which I'm not thrilled about, but most of the class got Cs on it.

Clara - My dad has been telling me since I was about five that I'd be a great mechanical engineer. The guy who sits next to me, on one of the first days after we met, told me that I'd be a great mechanical engineer. I'm thinking mechanincal engineering might just be my calling. ;-)

Beverly - This isn't actually a huge switch. I was on the fence between majoring in engineering or physics. I really wanted to do physics... but with everyone around me telling me I should go into engineering, I just decided to take about a 30 degree turn, instead of a 180 degree one. :)

Fran - It's a good thing I hate biology then!

Glass and Carlene (and everyone else, too) -

Thank you! I feel like I've had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and can now proceed with my life and school at a normal rate, instead of the lethargic one I using before.

~ Kit

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Great news, Kit!
Doesn't it feel good to make a decision that just seems to fit?
Warm wishes,

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What a relief it must be to you to have made your choice, and in a career that you will enjoy and excel in! You go, girl!! I don't know much about what Mech. Engineering involves, but I bet quilting skills are related somehow, too. (The drafting of patterns, the design of the block, math skills, etc.)

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Congratulations--you have lots of work ahead of you but I'll bet you'll excel. We need more women in the engineering field.

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Mechanical Engineering is a great choice Kit - there are lots of opportunities out there for M-E's.

Have to tell you...I'm the assistant to our Refinery General Manager, and he is headed out with our Corporate team to Cornell in a week or so to do some recruiting amongst the senior engineering students there. I told him that a member of the quilting forum that I chat on just signed up to a 4 year college to become an engineer. He raised an eyebrow and said "Really? What type of engineering is she going to pursue? Where's she going? What industry is she considering?" haven't hardly started yet, and there's already a recruiter eyeing you!

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Thanks again for all the warm wishes.

I think you guys eging me on is helping with my school work. I seem to actually be doing it for once!

~ Kit

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Go for it, Kit. If you did better than most of the rest of the class, you did well! Best wishes for your success.

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Best wishes to you , Kit - from another engineer. I am one of those that wanted to be an engineer from grade school.

I am a computer engineer but the prospects are very good for all kinds of engineers. We have trouble these days finding people. Most of the engineers want to go on to management. Very soon we will have well trained managers but very few with the technical expertise to do the engineering work.

When I was in grad school, I worked with the area high schools to encourage girls to go for engineering. Women are so underrepresented in the field that it is shocking.

I'm always elated when a woman chooses engineering. Go for it. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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I considered drafting/engineering, too. My dad was a civil engineer and one summer I worked with him at a phosphate mine and then my first serious job was at a manufacturing company where I worked closely with the draftsmen. Though now I've ended up in the finance field and I love it! Anyway, just think of all the cool quilts you can draft! :D


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Way to go Kit!!
Have fun learning, what you learn is yours forever. No one can take away or claim it for their own.

Each step you acheive inspires other females to take giant steps toward bettering themselves. Whether you know it or not, some girl is watching you and you are her inspiration.

best wishes.

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Good luck Kit. It is so nice to see Women step into fields that were mostly male dominated a few years ago. We are all behind you 100%. Colleen

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