9-5 diet/exercise challenge

grammypSeptember 5, 2006

Come on girls. How are we all doing? Are some of us afraid to check in? Remember, we don't blame, we only encourage, so if you need some help let us know.

We are still working on closing the kitchen after dinner. How is everyone doing? It has been fairly easy for me so far (DH works nights). Next week it will be harder with him home. There won't be any new challenges this week, but everyone should try to keep up our new good habits. Remember, Thanksgiving is coming and we need to have our good habits firmly in place to help us thru the eating season.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Beverly, thanks for keeping this weekly challege going.

Two days ago I put away my sewing machine and cleared off the dining room table of all fabric. Since the 8 months that I have gotten into quilting I have practically given up all physical exercise. I have put on 20 pounds. No, make that 25. All the while I continued to sit and sew, watching in horror what was happening with my weight.

Last night I awoke at 1:30 and couldn't get back to sleep, for thinking about my weight gain. I decided to look on my bookshelves for an inspirational diet book, and I pulled out "The Choice is Yours, A Practical Guide to Take off and Keep off Pounds Sensibly," by TOPS. I joined TOPS about 12 weeks ago in a fit of desperation, but stopped going to the meetings as I continued to put on pounds (pretty sensible, right?).

As I began to read through the book, I realized it was quite excellent and provides techniques that I have not heard of before. Sometime this week I will come back and share one of the techniques that I am going to try tonight at bedtime -- it has to do with imagery, and it makes great sense.

Anyway, today, I brought out all the clothes from my closet and piled everything on the bed, and set aside all the clothes I can no longer get into (which was quite a hunk of clothes). I am putting them into vacuum bags to seal up until I get rid of 15 pounds. Then I will open them up and see how I am doing.

I'm sad to say that I haven't been able to manage sewing and keeping physically fit at the same time. Having the machine out of easy access definitely helps, and in the last two days I've had much better energy, and the house and DH are the beneficiaries. I'm going to give myself a two week break from sewing and then go back to it a little at a time to see if I can maintain a balance.

I like the closing the kitchen after dinner idea. I absolutely have a problem snacking after dinner.

Good luck to everybody this week!

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Oh, Amy & Maggie Sue, how wonderful. Definitely uplifting to hear your news.

And Beverly, you are so committed to getting your exercise -- 26 miles consistently, after reading that I thought, My God, if I could just do half of that!

Thanks for sharing your impressive stories ladies!

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Okay...here I am.

I've been snacking, though maybe not as much as normal, and I've been having ice cream in the evening. BUT I have NOT made the box of brownies in the cabinet that are calling out to me! I've been eating good, home cooked dinners (not out of the box!)

I've definitely been 'moving'...either up and down the stairs doing laundry, vacuuming the entire house (this takes almost 30 minutes by itself!), and other things.

BUT I have found the ULTIMATE exercise! We got a trampoline given to us this weekend. Of course, then it rained for 3 days! But got on it with the kids earlier and definitely a workout opportunity!!! I'll need to sneak out there by myself when I can to get a good bouncing!

Hope everyone else is doing welL!!!! Keep up the good work!

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You can do it Mel, I know you can. It just takes small steps. Trying to do too much at once can become overwhelming and depressing. Losing 2 pounds a week is a good rate. It is a realistic goal and tends to stay off longer if you lose slowly. I like the idea of using imagery, not of what I want to look like when this is over, but more simple. Like seeing myself doing what I want to accomplish tomorrow.

The first time we rode the bike I could barely make 1 mile. But slowly we have increased. Since we have been riding bikes every morning (it takes us about 2 hours) I have lost a lot of my sewing time, but I know it is a good trade. Once you get into a routine and it becomes a habit. We find it easier to get up and get our exercise first thing after breakfast and get it over with (esp since DH goes to work at 2), then I don't feel bad spending time sewing.

I have found when I get tense or stressed I clench my teeth and thrust my tongue against them. One relaxation technique I have picked up along the way is to relax my face. Make a concious effort to hold my lips lightly together, teeth apart, tongue in the middle not touching my mouth anywhere, close eyes and breath regularly. When I am relaxed I find I eat less, and this is a good thing.

Jennifer, the trampoline is an wonderful exercise. You have to use all your muscles to keep your balance and control your body. Just remember, knees slightly bent to avoid injury.

Keep taking little steps and you will make it to the finish.


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Another good relaxation technique is to 'Drop your jaw, Drop you shoulders and Belly breathe'. Belly breathing - breathe so deeply your belly moves in & out. Do it slooowly. I've done this in the past when a customer was being very difficult - it doesn't show. I didn't drop my jaw so much it showed, I just relaxed it. Just stopping and making the effort to relax seemed to be relaxing

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Hi Everyone......I'm finally back from my summer gad about. Have been gone 11 weeks, and am so glad to be home again! I wanted to join this diet/exercise challenge before I left, but I didn't think going on a cruise would have been the best thing for the challenge plus being away from home and eating at other people's houses?????? Whew! Anyway, from June 21st to today, I lost 2 1/2 pounds! Can you believe it????? I think I lost it because my bedroom at my daughter's house was on the second floor so going up and down the stairs 2 or 3 times a day helped...even if my knees did protest! Also, did a bunch of excursions on the 12 day Alaskan land/cruise (seemed like it was time to eat everytime I turned around on that cruise!). Now that I'm home, I have a CD of a walk a mile thing that my daughter had so I hope to be able to get that going too. (Just had DGD show me, and write down the instructions of how to use the DVD player.) @:)


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I almost didn't post - haven't lost more, haven't gained. I don't have a problem with eating after dinner - have esophageal problems during the night if I eat too much late in the day - I try not to eat anything after about 7 p.m. at the latest. My big issue, I think, is lack of exercise - I'm active enough that my weight stays the same, so evidently not active enough to lose weight! I need to get back on the treadmill on a regular basis, so that's my goal.

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Glassquilt, I tried it and it works. I may end up being the most relaxed person around when this is over.

Welcome home Sharon. If you lost 2 1/2 pounds you have done better than me. I seem to be getting smaller, but denser. How was the cruise? We were planning a RV tour of Alaska for next year, but don't think MIL will be able to climb in and out so may change to a cruise. I think it would be easier on her. Details, I want details !!

Scraphappy, to me, not gaining is the same as losing. Just get up and move around the house (or yard or block) during tv commercials and you will be surprised how much exercise you can get. 30 minutes a day, just 30 minutes a day.

We didn't get to ride today, I came home from work with a sore throat and earaches so I slept in this morning. Sure did feel good, but tomorrow I will have to ride extra.


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Beverly.....check your email.


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Thanks Sharon. That was what I needed.


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