Bond Beam & Coping Question for the PB Pros??

bryanazMay 24, 2011

Wanted to post this out to our pb's out there. I am sure this is a simple question that the guys that are installing decks can answer for me. Wanted find out what the standard practice is for this particular situation.

The 12 inch tumbled travertine paver coping is in as you can see. The picture below shows 2 spray painted lines, the orange (furthest left) will be where the deck will begin. We extended this from the original plan. The travertine pavers will be put down in a 3 piece pattern similiar to Versailles. My question is the bond beam is 3-4 inches longer than the coping.

Any ideas on how they will finish this off on the left side of the painted deck line? On this side of the pool there is not a lot but on the opposite side there is quite a bit like this.

Here is an upclose look at what I am talking about. Just wanted to get an idea from some of the pb pros on this site.

Thank you!

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You have some options when small amounts of gunite are exposed.

Option #1 is to add pavers to the area to cover the gunite beam. This doesn't look that great.

Option #2 is to chip a little of the gunite beam away so it is not as noticeable. This should not create any structural issues.

Option #3 is to grade the landscaped area to the top of the gunite beam and add a little bark or soil to cover the edge of the exposed beam.

Good luck.

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Thank you Golfgeek - I am going to be meeting with our pb today and will discuss this with them. I appreciate the feedback.

Hoping that our coping looks good once the deck is complete and our pool is filled. I am thinking that we should have gone with a bullnose coping. Didn't really discuss it when we were going through design and I think it would have looked MUCH better. I haven't see very many pools that are using this type of coping.

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Wandering what is making you question whether you should have gone with bullnose coping? Our plan calls for the coping to look very similar to yours; our thinking was the bullnose makes the pool look to formal for our landscape however I haven't seen or spoken with too many people who haven't done the bullnose. Makes me think again about this; also another $1K for the bullnose.

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I think that is why I was questioning it a bit - haven't seen very many people do the non-bullnose but tomorrow our deck goes in and I think this is going to really be the test. The more I looked at it today - I think it's actually going to come together really well once the deck is in and for $1K difference I think we made the right choice. I'll post up some pics in the next couple of days. Are you using the same PB? We are looking so forward to this summer with our pool!

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Hi Nielsons,

I wanted to send you some additional pics and let you know that we are now loving the color choices we selected. Also the coping is looking great now that the deck is starting to go in. Just thought I would share with you. Hopefully we'll swimming in a couple of weeks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool Progress

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Thanks for sharing the pictures. It's turning out very nice. I am glad to have come across your note, as I have now changed my travertine color from Crema to Sombretti; would not have been happy with Crema. Our excavation starts next week, so seeing your pictures confirms we've made the right choice.

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