my first grandchild!!!

bkfdwifeSeptember 26, 2006

get your curiousity peaked?

meet tigger, he's my DD's new child...hehehehe

a cutie!

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How nice, a new quilt tester. How does Lucy like Tigger?


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oh hopefully we will never know!LOL Jayme lives in Georgia. My cat dweezil would make mincemeat out of tigger!

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already a quilt conessuier (who the heck knows how to spell that word!)! I'm sure you're daughter will have a life long friend!

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And Tigger already has it's own quilt!!!! Pretty baby.

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that is a quilt that should have been retired many years ago. I have put 2 backings on it, and have stitched down the seams that are fraying on the top. My grandma made that, and she was a thinker that a scant 1/4" was wasteful, so alot of fraying! She has two nicer quilts down there with her, and what does she photo? That thing..LOLOL....glad she feels an attachment cause she doesn't remember my grandma, she died when Jayme was very young.

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