timber tech earthwood evolutions

sprtphntcJune 30, 2012

trying to get some feedback on this product.

highly considering it and was wondering if anyone has used it and what they think about it.

we are also considering azek, arbor collection in morado.

ANY info would be great.

we are not considering IPE b/c of staining and sealing issues.. we are looking for a maintenence free choice. we don't want to fool ourselves thinking we will do it religiously.


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No decking is truly maintenance free, I am not certain of all the particulars but when I sold composite decking Timber Tech was the brand i preferred and had the most success with. Azek decking I am not familiar with but there trim products are very good so I would be inclined to look favorably on there decking as well.

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thanks millworkman,

i do know there is some maitenence with TT but i feel alot less than IPE.

we got the quote for material, DH is doing work, and all i can say is "OUCH"!!!! we are not doing railings, deck is low, just running a step around most of deck (two sides).
every expensive!! and azek is even more!!!!

frankly not really comfortable enviromental wise to use IPE, 1st its coming out of the rainforest and second the shipping to get it here. this my personal opinion.

its just amazing the prices they charge. the conceal screws are 3xs the price as top loc. just outrageous..
so we are re-thinking it but might not have too many more choices. why does everything have to be so hard????

any other advice on other material would be appreciated!!


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just let you know, we did go with TT earthwood evolutions in pacific walnut and it look fab!!!!

much better that i had hoped, we are very pleased. i will post back and let you know how its holding up after a year or so.

any questions, just let me know.

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Don't suppose the poster of this thread is still about and can update..maybe post some pics?

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Yes, I'd also love to see photos

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