Christmas Gifts

amazingcmSeptember 20, 2006

Last year the only sewing I did was made a few small pillows with family pictures on them... I was trying to find just the right combination to make the memory quilt..

Then after it was all said and done I found that the June Taylor print sheets from Wal-Mart have been the best I found... I also made the glass blocks with ribbon on them.. I think that is all the handmade gifts last year. This year I plan on using my new machine. So give me your ideas...

I am making diaper bags for all the new moms..


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Wow, Grace. You will be very busy this year. Last year I made LOTS of quilted hot pads and pot holders, Santa's longjohns, kitchen angels, and rice packs. This year I think I will make coasters, table runners, make-up bags and maybe some candles. There are literally dozens of people at work to make for, not to mention family, church, and now DD's new inlaws. I'm tired already. I have started making simple gifts and wrapping them in interesting packages. Last year I put them in cans, re-sealed them and printed out lables on sticky paper. Then they had to use a can opener to get their gifts. (ain't I mean)


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Warning: Novel!

Last year I made scarves. Lots and lots of scarves. I made a few potholders (crocheted) as well.

This year seems to be the year for hats. I've already completed knitted hats for my oldest brother and my dad, and am waiting for the yarn to arrive for my other brother. I'm knitting and then fulling a bag for my best friend's Mom (my other mother), because she sews (she's the one who got me into quilting!) but she doesn't knit and is always amazed by the things I do. After I finish something for MYSELF, I'll be knitting my mum socks (so she will stop bugging me...).

I'm thinking about a tablerunner - pumpkins - for my oldest brother's fiancee, and hats (fleece, I found the stuff I made pillows out of for them a few years back) for the kids I babysit.

Gifts I know I'm receiving this year (because if you're going to take the effort, you might as well make sure you're doin' it right!): My mom plans to make me hook/needle cases for all of my crochet hooks/knitting needles and my best friend's mum is making me a knitting tote to take to school (spot for my wallet, keys, phone, lunch!).

Oh, this year, I'm also making a bib for friend of my boyfriend's who just had a baby (I thought about a baby quilt, but she just might kill me if she got one more blanket), and I made a stuffed cat for the boyfriend, and am in the process of making a quilt for him as well, since he's been bugging me to make him one since I started quilting. I think that's the only BIG present.

~ Kit

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